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Track and Manage Keys with Ease!

What is a KeyCop?

Track keys throughout your organization, improve security and reduce costs with KeyCop, a sealed ‘intelligent’ key ring by CaptureTech.

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KeyCop Key Management Benefits

– Provides the latest Ultra High Frequency RFID technology
– Issues and collects multiple keys and/or KeyCops simultaneously
– Offers manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic registration
– Tracks keys throughout your organization, providing traceability
– Improves security with restricted access in time and space
– Reduces costs: no more changing locks and keys after loss
– Increases key security awareness of staff, contractors and suppliers
– Utilizes technology to protect all your valuable company assets
– Available as a wired seal for high security environments but also as a reusable hasp version for infinite re-use

Improved Key Security

Restricted access to your keys improves security. Thanks to the KeyCop, only the people who need to have a certain key to be in a particular space within your building at a specific time will have authorized access.

Simultaneous Issue and Collection of Keys

UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enables you to scan multiple KeyCops at once. All you have to do, is put the KeyCops to be scanned on the scanning plate (RFID reader). Scanning is complete in one second, making the KeyCop a fast, secure and complete key management system.

Tracking and Tracing of All Keys

A real-time overview of your organization’s keys provides comfort and peace of mind. With KeyCop technology, you will always know the location of keys, who is using the keys and why, and at what time. Valuable time is saved as a result of the KeyCop key management system.

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How does it work?

KeyCop works with different technologies to securely track keys

The identification number of the KeyCop consists of a barcode and a human-readable number for efficient and secure key issuing and collecting.

Combined with UHF RFID, the KeyCop provides fast and efficient inventory

State-of-the art UHF RFID technology offers instant identification when checking out or checking in keys.

High Security or Re-usable technology

For high security environments, such as Cash in Transit operations, the KeyCop is available as a single use security seal. This means that the keys can only be attached to the KeyCop once. Additionally, the KeyCop is available as a reusable key management technology.


CaptureTech supplies key software for KeyCop management in two versions:

  • Free, basic CaptureTech Manager
  • Paid, CaptureTech WebManager with enhanced functionalities

CaptureTech Manager Key Software

You can start immediately using the free key software for CaptureTech Manager, an RFID barcode reader and the number of KeyCops you require. The key software can be used to register users, user groups and their authorizations. Keys are registered at issue and collection. This key software is available for Windows only (32 bit or 64 bit). CaptureTech Manager can only be used on one personal computer at a time.

CaptureTech WebManager Key Software

The CaptureTech WebManager provides the next level in key management software and allows for managing users, KeyCops and one or more KeyConductors or CapLockers (both ‘intelligent’ lockers).