Your partner for next level traceability

About CaptureTech

With the rise of internet and mobile communication, information is available anywhere and at any time. Your mobile phone lost or stolen? Most devices have a built-in retrieval function that allows you to track your mobile device and even lock it remotely. Strangely enough, this only applies to consumer technologies. Often, there are enterprise situations in which technology remains far less advanced.

Together with its customers, CaptureTech develops unique products and advanced systems for automatic identification. Systems based on techniques such as barcode, RFID, speech recognition or vision. We stand for making business processes’ more efficient, safer and more reliable. It is all about traceability.

Our starting point? To develop the most intelligent, user-friendly and efficient solutions or products. To make this happen, we go a few steps beyond the others, we believe in fostering in long-term relationships and only apply & invest the latest technologies. Together, you will always be in the lead with us. It is all about the next level traceability.