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What is an electronic cabinet?

Safely and securely store and manage business assets with our electronic cabinet, the CapLocker. The CapLocker can be used for high-risk and/or valuable items such as weapons, pay terminals, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more! In addition to your company’s assets, the CapLocker can provide a safe storage place for employees’ personal belongings.

Our asset management system allows for secure asset management and storage of keys and business assets. The CapLocker keeps a real-time log of all issued and returning assets. As a result, your asset inventory is always up-to-date.

Benefits of the system include:

– Optimal protection and security for high-risk and/or valuable business assets
– Works with pin code, barcode scanning or Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology
– Integration with existing proximity and/or swipe card or biometric reader
– Fully compatible with KeyCop and KeyConductor technology
– Scalable with same- or different-sized compartments
– Modular—many additional options available

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How Does the CapLocker Work?

Picking up Assets

The CapLocker’s integrated keyboard and display are used to log-in and select the required compartment(s) or assets. Optionally, a proximity or swipe card reader, or even the CaptureApp can be used to log in. The compartment door can only be unlocked by authorized users, ensuring maximum security.

RFID Technology for Greater Flexibility

If you have a large number of high-risk or valuable assets to manage, the CapLocker with RFID is a natural choice. The CapLocker allows for assets to be tracked and traced in real-time, automatically detecting the presence or absence of your business assets.

Expandable to Include Existing Technology

If your organization already has a proximity card and/or swipe card system in operation, the CapLocker can be expanded with card or biometric readers so that users can be registered with their existing employee pass.

Tailor-made solution

Essentially, the CapLocker is an electronic cabinet, or locker, with various compartments to securely store your items. It is available with pin code, barcode scanning or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

The CapLocker has a modular design based on five different-sized compartments, allowing you to choose a configuration best suited for your organization’s business or operation. Compartments of the same size or of different sizes can be combined to create the ideal safe storage place for your assets.

Choose between pin code, barcode scanning or RFID for your CapLocker.

A full audit trail

With the user-friendly wizard of the web-based CapLocker software, you can create master data for users, user groups, assets, compartments and authorizations. Once completed, you can save the configuration and send it over your network and you are all set to use your secure asset management system. You can also save it to a USB stick and insert this into the CapLocker to program it.

CapLocker Management

All master data is saved in the CapLocker application and users can set different master data per building, department etc., or when defining users, user groups, assets, compartments and so on. The full audit trail can be obtained from the CapLocker application and alerts can even be created on who has to be informed of certain events, what events and how the alerts should be provided.

One-stop Control

The CapLocker software offers one central database that is used to manage all master data. Even when you have installed CapLocker compartments at various geographic locations, the barcode scanning and RFID versions will be able to communicate effortlessly with the central database. This allows for managing a large number of assets at various locations for multiple users from one single point. The CapLocker software can be readily linked to your own systems through our custom XML interface.

Integration with Existing Technology

Of course, your organization has invested in security before. As a result, you may have an existing swipe card and/or proximity card system in operation. The CapLocker combines effortlessly with either one of these systems to ensure secure asset management.

KeyCop and KeyConductor Compatibity

The barcode and RFID versions of the CapLocker can be fully integrated with CaptureTech’s KeyCop and/or KeyConductor solutions. Any combination of one or more CapLockers and KeyConductors is possible and can be managed from one software application.

Scalable with Various-sized Compartments

Compartments are available in five sizes. Using several same- or different-sized compartments, CapLocker is highly flexible. Our secure locker solution can be made to order, to suit your organization’s scale and allow you to store and manage business assets with ease.

Combining key and asset management

Combining key management with asset management is essential, especially at universities or in office buildings. By using an app, users can reserve either valuable assets (laptops, phones, etc.) and/or keys (for rooms, cars etc.).
After making a reservation, the user will then receive a QR code on their mobile phone. Upon arrival at the cabinet, the user presents the QR code and the corresponding compartment(s) will open and/or key(s) will be released. This solution keeps a full audit trail of who has taken which assets and keys and when they have been returned, allowing you to easily, accurately, and efficiently store and manage business assets.

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