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Key management software for all of your business needs.

CaptureTech supplies key management software for KeyCop management in two versions:

– Free, basic CaptureTech Manager

– Paid, CaptureTech WebManager with enhanced function

CaptureTech Manager

You can immediately start using the free CaptureTech Manager and the KeyCops that you need. The CaptureTech Manager software can be used to register users, user groups and their authorizations. Keys can then be registered at issue and collection. In order to make the process even more efficient, you can attach a barcode scanner or RFID reader to your PC.

CaptureTech WebManager

The next level in key management software is the CaptureTech WebManager.

An internet browser is all you need to access this web-based application—all data is stored in a central MySQL database. CaptureTech WebManager allows for multiple users with different roles and authorizations. A full audit trail is kept of all changes made by users in the database. For example, if master data is changed, the audit trail log would be able to tell who made changes at what time.

Like the CaptureTech Manager, the CaptureTech WebManager also allows you to issue and collect KeyCops manually and define users, usergroups and KeyCops, specifically authorizing individuals or groups of people to use one or more KeyCops.

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Same software for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic issue and collection

Both the CaptureTech Manager and the CaptureTech WebManager support manual or semi-automatic issue and collection of KeyCops by a supervisor and can also be used to configure CaptureTech’s electronic key cabinet, the KeyConductor.

If you fully manage one or more KeyConductors, a complete audit trail for all your keys becomes available. In addition, the status of every KeyCop in the cabinet can be monitored in real-time. Managing a mix of operations (partly manual, partly fully automatic) is also possible.

If you want to start off by keeping your keys in a conventional (non-electronic) key cabinet, the CaptureTech WebManager supports this option too, and offers a fast way to perform an inventory. Simply move a mobile computer with a RFID reader over your KeyCops and they will instantly be identified!

The CaptureTech WebManager takes capabilities to the next level. If you wish to use a combination of key management (either manual, or by the use of one or more KeyConductors) and CaptureTech’s intelligent locker solution, the CapLocker, the CaptureTech WebManager is able to manage it all! Finally, a key management solution that can track and trace all of your keys and valuable assets in one system!

Log Events

The CaptureTech WebManager can also be used to define warning messages. Simply choose the required event in this extensive module. For example, you can create warning messages for events such as, returned KeyCop, door left open, collected KeyCop, etc.. Then, set user(s), KeyCop(s), group(s), timeframe and so on. If the set criteria are met, the system will trigger an e-mail alert to your designated recipient(s).


CaptureTech WebManager offers standard interfaces with all commonly used access control platforms or other software, such as Route Planning applications. Because of this, crucial data does not need to be stored multiple times in different applications/databases, and users can be easily activated or deactivated centrally.

Software on Premise or in the Cloud

CaptureTech WebManager can be installed on the company’s own webserver, but also in the (private or public) cloud. CaptureTech offers multiple options for hosting and managed services, so you will never have to worry about the uptime or maintenance of your key management system again.


With the CaptureApp, a lot of functionality that is offered by the CaptureTech WebManager can be managed in a user-friendly application on a phone or tablet. Master data, remote release of KeyCops and getting a full overview of the status of all KeyCops can easily be checked from the CaptureApp.

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