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Barcoding technology

Barcode scanning

  • Error reduction
  • Time Saving & Productivity
  • Cost savings

Using barcodes and scanning is a trusted and proven way to optimize inventory management and logistics. We supply and implement barcode scanning techniques and assist our customers with this from A to Z. From analysis and advice to the required scanners, barcode printers and software to the WiFi network and services such as CaptureTech Protect.

Bar code / RF scanning

Barcode scanning reduces the risk of errors and increases efficiency. Scanning can be done in several ways. For example, with fixed barcode scanners along a conveyor belt, mobile “hand held” scanners and even small lightweight scanners which you wear on the back of your hand.

CaptureTech has extensive experience implementing barcode systems. In addition to supplying and implementing hardware and software, we provide sound advice. For example, about type of barcodes, the standards (EAN, now GS1), the best way to print the barcodes and optimal processing of the data in the underlying WMS or ERP system.

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Barcode scanning

Wearable scanners

Portable barcode scanners are now indispensable in countless industries. And not surprising because the so-called wearables bring countless benefits. The main advantage compared to the traditional handheld scanner speaks for itself; hands-free working. Hands-free scanners allow users to perform all work without pausing to scan data, so they can always move to the next process step uninterrupted.

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Bouw Logistic Services warehousee worker scanning with ProGLove scanner
Customer case

Construction Logistic Services

“We quickly got back from colleagues that the work is easier and more fun. The fact that it is also a lot more efficient is a huge win-win for the whole company. The overall implementation has resulted in huge cost savings.”

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Barcode system

CaptureTech Protect

With Protect, we manage, monitor and secure your scanners and WiFi network and are ready with remote assistance 24/7. Keep your barcode scanners up-to-date with the latest software so you avoid downtime and work can always continue.

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CaptureTech Connect software running on laptop and mobile device

Barcode labels

Barcode locations and products and provide clear identification of aisles and areas with custom location labels.

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