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Shipping / Outbound


When shipping, work consists of preparing and checking shipments centrally. With a good put-away and order picking process, the control function can be dropped. The emphasis will then be on getting the right ride ready and adding the right data.

Red mobile workstation cart used as warehouse trolley


Warehouses with many small goods tend to use packing tables. For large goods or pallet shipments, mobile stations are convenient. Is there only the preparation of the ride and confirmation? Then a handheld terminal is often sufficient. Get advice from our specialists on which equipment best suits your shipping process.

Digitally measure package dimensions

Zebra dimensioning technology ‘Certified Mobile Parcel’ accurately captures package dimensions as packages move through your shipping workflows. The technology is fully integrated into mobile handheld computers such as the TC53 / TC58.

Easily and quickly calculate the correct shipping costs and gain insight into how best to schedule loads. As a result, you work more efficiently and reduce costs.

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Solution-oriented advice

Where goods move or collaborate digitally, CaptureTech provides digitization and optimization of work processes. Ask our creative problem solvers for a free consultation about your specific challenges.

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