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5MOT: 5 Minute Online Training for Microsoft 365

Take advantage of more than 400 online training videos from 5MOT and let your employees work smarter with Microsoft 365.

Why take a Microsoft 365 training course?

Research by NovioData commissioned by Info Support shows that many end users use only between 40 and 60 percent of business software functionality. Microsoft 365 consists of more than 20 different programs. Even though all the programs are relatively intuitive to use and quite functional, chances are your employees won’t get everything out of them. As a result, work could potentially be performed more efficiently and effectively than it is today. By getting your employees to make the best use of the Microsoft tools, you not only allow them to work more efficiently, you also reduce frustration and lower workload.

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What is 5MOT?

The online training solution 5MOT offers more than 400 online training videos on Microsoft 365. In an approachable way with constantly short training sessions, employees increase their level of knowledge and skills without having to invest a lot of time.

Examples of titles include:

  • Microsoft Outlook: how to keep an empty Inbox every day
  • Microsoft Sway: next level presenting, forget PowerPoint!
  • Microsoft Bookings: schedule appointments more efficiently
  • Microsoft Forms: efficiently extracting information internally and externally
  • Microsoft Lists: keep lists more efficiently
  • Microsoft Excel: learn more formulas
  • Microsoft Planner and ToDo: manage tasks and projects more efficiently
  • Microsoft Teams: making calls with Teams
  • Microsoft Teams: smart and fast conferencing
  • Microsoft OneDrive: your personal files safely in the cloud
  • Microsoft SharePoint: smarter collaboration

View all Microsoft 365 training courses

Download the full list of 5MOT training courses for Microsoft 365. Online training videos are available within Microsoft Teams. This makes it easy for your employees to find any training after they log in with their Microsoft 365 account.


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How does 5MOT work?

Each employee receives a unique registration link for the online training portal. There they will find all 400 video training courses in a simple overview from which to choose. You will receive monthly overviews of active users, allowing you to easily monitor progress. All content is always updated automatically.

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Customer case


“Through short e-learnings, employees can train themselves in the use of different applications. That saves a lot of calls to the service desk, and that in turn allows us to save costs.”

Esther Albers
Staff Member for Business Operations

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Assured of the best service

As a Gold Partner, Microsoft endorses CaptureTech’s knowledge and competencies in efficiently deploying and supporting Microsoft cloud services to its customers. Our employees are trained as Microsoft Certified Professionals. These MCPs possess in-depth technical knowledge of the Microsoft platform. So you are in good hands.

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Cyber Security trainings

Turn your employees into a human firewall by training them on cybercrime. With the Data Information End User Security Training (DIEV), make sure they are aware of the main risks and learn to recognize, for example, phishing emails and Internet scams.

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