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ESL Pricing

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) offer retailers a range of features that improve operational efficiency, reduce errors and lower labor costs. Electronic labels are easily updated remotely and centrally with the most current product and price information.

Fast and accurate with ESL pricing

With digital shelf and price information at ESLs, you increase pricing accuracy and avoid price discrepancies between the label and the cash register. Manage ESLs remotely with a convenient cloud software tool, saving you extraordinary amounts of time.

ESLs provide further digitization and integration of processes throughout the chain, with reliable and real-time information. All while increasing the service level to your customers through extensive display capabilities, always correct prices and a modern shopping experience.

ESL Pricing labels


More sales, less waste

Get more sales by offering customers personalized offers using precise geolocation. Or price off items when the expiration date is near, which also helps you avoid waste.


Sustainability & Employership

ESL pricing not only helps with efficiency improvements and reduction of error probability. By eliminating the need for paper labels, you also reduce waste, and because of their increasingly long life, choosing ESLs directly contributes to sustainability goals.

By relieving store personnel of unnecessary, manual tasks such as replacing labels, you can better utilize their capacity. Let them do more meaningful work, increase their independence and increase employee satisfaction.

Even for in-store picking, ESLs are ideal: Convenient LED lighting allows you to navigate along pre-generated picking routes. Flashing lights help order pickers quickly find their next item.

Talk to our retail experts

Are you considering deploying ESL pricing in your retail stores? Do you find it difficult to get an idea of how much you REALLY need to budget and how to integrate them into your system? If so, we are here to help you. Call +31 252 241544 for the Netherlands or +32 3 449 11 59 for Belgium. Our experts are at your service!

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