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In-store Picking

With in-store picking, you turn a traditional store into a store and warehouse in one, where customers shop and employees pick orders for online orders.

Retailers opt for in-store picking

In-store picking is mostly used by food stores. As the demand for delivery and pickup has grown significantly in this industry, the in-store picking process has taken on a more important role for these retailers. In order to quickly deliver the increased number of orders, efforts must be made to make order picking as efficient as possible using digitized work processes.

Because store design is based on maximizing sales to customers and not minimizing movement in order picking, smart IT solutions are even more important. Lack of space is also a challenge at many stores.

Retail worker performing the in-store picking process

Smart order picking solutions

Maximize the productivity of your in-store pickers with techniques such as multi-order batch picking and optimized picking routes.

Let your employees work hands-free with wearables and integrate your software systems for real-time overview of all work processes and staff performance.

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