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Inventory Management

High delivery reliability has become a minimum requirement for success in today’s logistics world. In this regard, real-time inventory management is indispensable. Only by having visibility into inventory can you truly trust your IT systems, make promises to customers and serve them optimally.

Inventory management software

With CaptureTech Connect, you easily perform the important processes on the shop floor. Receiving, replenishment, order picking and inventory management. In the video below, technical consultant Maarten Vonk explains how CaptureTech Connect helps you with inventory management.

The intuitive Android application allows your employees to focus on their core tasks and quickly execute consecutive work assignments flawlessly. Moreover, by integrating with your ERP or WMS, you ensure real-time data exchange, automated inventory management and tracking in your other systems.

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Inventory management techniques

Deploy technologies such as barcode scanning or RFID for flawless inventory management, to update current stock and exceed customer expectations. Intervene when necessary by providing full visibility of inventory and create internal work processes for your warehouse staff to count, replenish and check. You can easily use the same scanners and software for the other processes in your logistics or manufacturing facility.

What can we do for you?

Every industry, location and work process is different. Therefore, don’t let a one-size-fits-all solution be imposed on you. We proactively ask questions and offer solutions, analyze your processes and have extensive practical experience with implementations of hardware and software in different industries. Take advantage of our knowledge of hardware, software and a full spectrum of IT services. In an initial obligation-free meeting, we we would like to hear all about your challenges and show you how we can help you tackle them, for example with inventory management, but certainly also other processes in your warehouse, DC, manufacturing plant or office space.

Bas Jansen from CaptureeTech
Bas Jansen

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