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All your devices in one overview

CaptureTech Check is a supporting “plug and play” web application for smartphones, scanners, PDAs and tablets to track these devices, manage repairs, monitor technology deployments and generate reports. You obtain a complete overview of equipment status by site or location and track shipments to our repair center (RMA).

How does CaptureTech Check work?

Mobile devices are indispensable within many organizations today. You can think of tablets in retail, cell phones within organizations or handhelds in the hospitality or logistics sector. When working with these mobile devices, it is crucial that you keep your devices updated and ensure flawless operation. Each device is different, with its own hardware and software configurations, operating system and user settings.

The web application CaptureTech Check ensures that you have visibility into all your mobile devices anywhere, anytime. In CaptureTech Check, you can find any registered device by item number, item type or serial number. So register all your mobile devices in CaptureTech Check and you can see from one place where each device is located, the status of the battery, for example, request repairs and manage them through integration with manufacturer RMA portals.

CaptureTech Check software on a laptop

Key benefits

  • Monitor the operation and use of mobile devices
  • Location based tracking
  • RMA requests and view status
  • Remote support and updates
  • Advanced reporting
  • One web-based interface
  • Securing data in case of theft/absence

SOTI Interface

The basic version of CaptureTech Check also features an SOTI interface. That means devices that have an SOTI client can automatically transmit full status (e.g., battery capacity) to CaptureTech Check.


In addition, you can easily expand the basic version of CaptureTech Check with the GET SMART module. This also automatically records in CaptureTech Check who has an Android device in use at any time, and whether the device has been dropped during use, so-called drop detection.

Request a demo

Want to know more about how to manage all your mobile devices in one convenient tool? In the demo, our product specialist will take you through all the features of CaptureTech Check.

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