Shopper in retail store using self scanner to pick orders

Self Scan

With self-scanning, you let customers in your store scan items themselves as they shop. In real time, they know how much is in their basket, where to find the best deals, and they can checkout instantly.

Optimal shopping experience with Self Scan

Make shopping fun and convenient for your customers, reduce queues and give them a sense of greater control over the shopping experience. While gaining more loyalty and higher revenue per customer and being able to use staff more efficiently. You get to know your customer better and can make them personalized offers while shopping or share other information with them.

Customers grab the self-scanners themselves from the wall at the store entrance and begin scanning their chosen items completely independently.


Retail self-scanning solution with self-scanner at wildcamp
Customer case


“The self-scanning solution saves customers time, increases staff productivity and reduces queues.”

Marc Zijnge
Team leader ICT

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IT Infrastructure

For implementation and proper functioning of self scan technology, a reliable IT infrastructure is indispensable. So you ensure flawless shopping experiences through professional WiFI networks with strong access points from the best quality brands and remote management. But network and system management, security and cloud services are also important to keep your IT always available. With CaptureTech, you have one partner for your entire IT landscape.


Shopper in retail store using self scan device to scan items

Maximum uptime of Self Scan equipment

By using CaptureTech Protect, you have an all-in-one service for remote management of all your self scan and other mobile devices, online repair service, and automatic updates. Moreover, with our 24/7 support, you have direct availability to our technical specialists, both by phone and online. We are here for you if something “doesn’t work,” if you have questions about a particular functionality or are having trouble installing or activating all your mobile devices.

CaptureTech Protect

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