Illustration of crossdocking workflow at a distribution center


In crossdocking, goods are readied for outbound shipments at a distribution center almost immediately after receiving them. Because goods are not first stored in the warehouse and thus fewer activities need to be performed, costs are saved.


Crossdocking is often used when goods are part of orders that need to be delivered quickly. The challenges in crossdocking are related to the correct assembly and loading of goods, missing goods and optimal use of floor space.

With the right software, you can meet these challenges and make crossdocking a success. Utilize barcode scanning at receiving and shipping to track all movements in real time, allowing you to work faster.

We integrate our professional barcode scanners with your WMS or ERP for optimal operation. The mobile devices have long battery life, allowing you to work an entire shift without charging. Moreover, they are drop-resistant and protect against dust and moisture.

Professionally manage mobile devices

As your organization grows, so does the number of mobile devices. How do you keep track? And how to prevent failure due to loss and malfunction? After all, work must be able to proceed continuously, especially when cross-docking. Instead of purchasing large numbers of additional terminals as backup and incurring unnecessary costs, our service provides everything you need to maintain control.

Mobile device management software with Zebra device

With CaptureTech Protect, you have everything in one service package:

  • Manage all your devices remotely and centrally in one Mobile Device Management system
  • Use the MDM for rapid deployment of new equipment with standard configurations
  • Gain insight into the system status and statistics of all your mobile devices
  • Take advantage of our professional support staff, up to even 24/7.
  • Keep Android up-to-date and secure with semi-annual updates
  • Report defective equipment and track them in CaptureTech Check

Quote or advice?

Are you looking for scanners for crossdocking in your distribution center? Get advice from our specialists on the best choices for mobile devices, for example. We are at your service with knowledge of the best hardware brands and WMS and ERP systems to be integrated. Please fill out the form and we will contact you. Or call us at +31 252 241544 for the Netherlands or +32 3 449 11 59 for Belgium.

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