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Quality control

With a structured quality control process, you prevent damaged items from entering further into the production or distribution process. You also avoid deliveries with damage and incorrect inventory due to unrecorded breakage. In addition, real-time records of quality controls ensure that you avoid discussions with customers and suppliers. And you enable them, and your staff, to act quickly when needed.

Quality control in the warehouse

Use appropriate tools that help communicate problems that require immediate solutions. Perform checks with tablets or other mobile terminals, for example, at inbound, moving, cross-docking or shipping. With the real-time connection to your WMS or TMS, quality control results are stored directly with the correct batches or products.

Take photos of breakage, check weights and temperature, and easily share appropriate data and photos with colleagues, customers and suppliers. This allows all parties to act quickly in case of negative quality control results and saves costs.

Production staff performs quality control with tablet and pen

Quality control in production environment

Reduce production errors, increase throughput and improve efficiency with effective quality control. Digitize the quality control process with tablets, take samples through the entire production process and do final checks before shipping.

Take advantage of automated quality control at conveyors with Machine Vision Systems. In this process, smart cameras take multiple photos of the items on the conveyor belt and automatically compare them to the golden image. Suitable for both simple and complex quality inspections on your production line.

Customized advice

Are you looking for ways to better ensure the quality of goods? Or do you want to make quality control more efficient by doing the same or more work with fewer employees? Then ask our specialists for a free consultation by filling out the attached form. They are happy to help you get started with advice on the right combination of hardware and software for quality control in your warehouse or production environment.

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