Illustration of scanning conveyors belts with fixed scanners in a manufacturing environment
Conveyor belt scanning

Scanning conveyor belts

Automated conveyor belt systems have become indispensable in modern manufacturing facilities. Whether in heavy manufacturing or food, conveyor belts can be found everywhere.

Scanning solutions for conveyor belts

By scanning at the conveyors belts in your manufacturing environment, you quickly and reliably identify all items on the conveyor belt. And with techniques like Intelligent Imaging, you can even scan damaged 1D and 2D bar codes on a fast-moving conveyor belt or under- or over-marked DPM codes on difficult surfaces.

Have items move to another part of the production line based on the scanned data. For example, for a different treatment or packaging with different label dates.


Photos for quality control

Get a perfect image of your items on the conveyor belts every time by capturing three different images per item, each with its own settings. Compare the photos with the golden image of your product for high-quality and reliable quality control.

Ask our specialists about all the possibilities within your production facility.

Fixed scanner for scanning of conveyor belts in manufacturing facility or food processing

Conveyors with fixed scanners

We work with the major manufacturers of fixed scanners, such as Zebra and Datalogic. Fixed industrial scanners provide reliable decoding performance to automatically track and trace items from production to distribution. Identify each part and package with a model for each application. And you can respond to changing business needs with simple feature upgrades.

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RFID tunnel for scanning conveyor belts in production or logistics environments such as warehouses and distribution centers

RFID Conveyors

Easily track and trace items as they move through the manufacturing plant with RFID tunnel. The goods have RFID tags that are automatically scanned as they pass through the tunnel. The tunnel is customized for your situation and integrated with your ERP for optimal deployment, inventory management and error-free traceability of your ingredients, spare parts, semi-finished or finished product.

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Implement conveyor belt scanning?

Are you looking for ways to optimize your manufacturing sites? Do you think conveyor belt scanning can help you with that? Ask our specialists for a free consultation by filling out the form. We will contact you within a few days. After an initial discussion, you will know what options are available in terms of hardware, software and IT services to make your project a success.

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