• Configurable I/O and powerful integrated lighting
  • Suitable for Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, CC-Link, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP
  • Available in IP65 and IP67 protection classes
  • Easy to set up, implement and use
  • With powerful and intuitive management software

Fixed scanner

Deploy the FS40 for tracking and tracing all items in your production or distribution environment in real time. Read up to 16 different images simultaneously for extremely fast data processing! Customize the FS40 to your specific needs by choosing from flexible options such as decode range, lighting, connectivity, power and more. And you can add advanced features with simple software upgrades.

The scanner comes with comprehensive control software that allows you to easily set up, deploy and operate all types of fixed scanners from Zebra. The intuitive interface lets both experienced and novice users navigate smoothly, reducing training and implementation time.

The Zebra FS40 is widely used in production environments for scanning at conveyor belts.

Overhead scanning with the Zebra FS40

But also in warehouses or distribution centers, the Zebra FS40 is an ideal solution for overhead scanning, for example. Instead of using a wireless barcode scanner or wearables, shop floor employees scan goods by holding the barcode in front of the scanner on their workstation. The streamlined and stationary scanning process achieves a higher degree of accuracy. In addition, speed is increased because users are not constantly picking up and putting away a handheld scanner.


Choose from a large selection of power supplies, batteries, capacitors, USB adapters, holders and holsters for any industrial fixed scanner. Increase your staff’s productivity with accessories designed to complement and enhance scanner operation.

FS40 Specifications

Dimensions54.0 mm H x 64.0 mm W x 91.4 mm D
Operating Temperature0° C to 40° C
AimerRed Class II Laser; 8-point sunburst pattern
Acquisition Rate2.3MP: Up to 60 frames/second 5.1MP: Up to 30 frames/second
Weight400.0 g
Keyboard supportSupports over 90 international keyboards

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Zebra FS40

The Zebra FS40 is a fixed industrial scanner. This industrial scanner is made for automatically reading data on parts, products or packaging moving through a production line at high speed, or in warehousing and fulfillment processes.

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