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How quickly can I hire staff with voice picking?

During the onboarding process, new employees learn how the order picking process works. For example, what are the safety instructions and stacking instructions for orders? To make the familiarization process as efficient as possible, CaptureTech offers the Honeywell RapidStart (formerly Vocollect RapidStart) self-training module for voice picking.

Honeywell RapidStart

A regular familiarization process is often time-consuming. Self-training modules for voice picking allow employees to work independently faster and reduces familiarization time by up to 50%. After about one week in the work environment, the new staff reaches the picket line, after which they are experienced enough to start working independently.

The exact familiarisation time depends on the complexity of the organization. Yet, using the Honeywell RapidStart self-training module in voice picking, the familiarization process is proven to be faster. For order picking with hand terminals, the familiarisation time can be as long as two weeks and as long as four weeks for order picking with paper.

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Clear benefits of voice picking in practice

  • Error reduction
  • Time Saving & Productivity
  • Two hands free
  • Cost savings

Efficient & Independent

Self-training modules work efficiently because they do not require assistance from experienced staff. Normally an onboarding process is time-consuming, and an experienced employee invests a lot of time giving instructions to the new employee. This is time that is at the expense of daily work at that time. By integrating self-training modules into the onboarding process, several new employees can be trained independently via a tablet and their voice terminal. These types of custom-developed self-training modules are tailored to the organization and can be reused endlessly after a one-time implementation.

In addition, you immediately give new staff a lot of independence and a sense of their own responsibility. This often has a positive effect on how the employee experiences the first few working days.


High quality

The self-training module trains new employees in high quality. Normally, a new staff depends on knowledge and work experience of the instructing employee. This leads to inconsistent familiarization processes. With a directive self-training module, consistency is indeed guaranteed. Also, the self-training module works at the employee’s own pace. This is because not every employee picks up instructions at the same pace, so important information can be missed. Also, while attending the module, the new employee develops a personal voice profile in their own language. This brings advantages when the new employee has a different native language than the instructing colleague. Indeed, in such cases, miscommunications can occur, leading to a decline in the quality of onboarding.

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Quick Scan, DC walkthrough & ROI calculation

From CaptureTech, we analyze your warehouse processes and, based on this, come up with a sound recommendation on voice picking and the self-training module. The self-training module is included with the voice picking software. Our team, working with you, tailors the module to your organization. You pay only the setup hours. Want more information, a demo or a quote? If so, please contact us.

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More information or a quote?

At CaptureTech, we make office and logistics collaboration possible. We believe that organizations can be more successful through better and faster collaboration. This contributes to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Want more information or a quote? Then contact us directly at +31 252 241544 or send an email to [email protected].

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