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Order picking


Most warehouse employees work at order picking. In this process, both single and multiple items are picked and there is a direct relationship with the customer, through the delivery of the order. Therefore, error-free and efficient working during order picking is essential.

Order picking process

Because relatively many hours are spent in order picking, you can translate any invesmtent in efficiency improvement there into a significant return. But how do you know which order picking technique achieves the best results for your specific situation? What hardware and software do you need? And how does the solution fit within your broader IT landscape? And does your WiFI network still meet the minimum requirements?

Because we have the right specialists at both the logistics process level and the IT network level, we can provide you with excellent assistance in this regard. For example, let our staff perform a quick scan of your order picking process and receive a report that really helps you determine the right strategy.

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Woman multi orderpicking with ProGlove and tablet in Hans Anders warehouse
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Hans Anders digitizes order picking

The digitized order picking process saves a great deal of time, and because every location and bin is scanned, there is traceability and a reduced risk of errors. “The probability of error in the logistics processes is significantly reduced, while we increase the independence of our employees.”

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mobile printers for order picking

Mobile printers

Mobile printers are becoming increasingly popular for order picking in warehouses. They are lightweight, portable and easy to use, allowing workers to print labels and quickly and accurately. Mobile printers are a perfect way to improve accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse because they eliminate manual data entry and help speed up the order picking process.

In addition, mobile printers are cost-effective because they require minimal maintenance and can be used for a variety of tasks.

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Thinking of improving your order picking process? Can’t see the warehouse forest through all the tech trees? If so, we are happy to help you get started. Request a free consultation with Kees by filling out the attached form and benefit from 35 years of experience in logistics. After that, you will not only have more knowledge about what solutions are available in the market, but also a clear idea about your possible next steps.

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