• Wireless via Bluetooth
  • SoundSense™ technology with additional microphones to detect interference
  • Flexible configurations
  • Built-in HFP client support for Android applications

Voice recognition technology

Superior voice recognition technology and flexible configurations enable your mobile workforce to excel in a variety of industrial applications and demanding warehouse, distribution and fulfillment environments.

Other headsets pick up unwanted warehouse sounds, which can lead to delays in speech recognition and affect accuracy. The SRX3 wireless headset features Honeywell SoundSense™ technology, which uses additional microphones to detect and reduce interference by up to 50%. This technology reduces unnecessary noise and provides high-fidelity acoustic sampling for enhanced audio clarity.

The SRX3 wireless headset features built-in HFP client support for Android applications to ensure seamless compatibility in operations looking to leverage their existing Android infrastructure and Honeywell’s Android-based voice software. Connectivity is simplified by an easy-to-use touch-pairing interface that allows mobile workers to quickly pair their headset with an Android device.

Unprotected headset microphones accumulate dirt, reducing their performance. Moreover, breathing out directly on the microphones interferes with speech recognition. For optimal headset accuracy and performance, it is necessary to protect the microphone with the windshield. The microphone of the SRX3 Wireless Headset is colored bright red to immediately remind you that the microphone is not protected.

SRX3 Specifications

Operating Temperature-30°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity 5-95% condensing
Storage Temperature-40°C to 70°C
Protection classIP54

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Honeywell Voice SRX3

Honeywell’s SRX3 wireless headset offers advanced voice recognition and reduces noise in industrial environments. It has built-in support for Android and a protective windshield for the microphone.

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