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Achieve end-to-end traceability in your manufacturing facility with complete IT solutions. Start at the supply end with the right combination of hardware, software and services and ensure your production quality.

Supply production lines

When feeding raw materials, semi-finished and other goods to your production lines, you want to record flawlessly what comes in and into which finished products it ends up. Accurate tracking is arranged right at the infeed. Simplify your quality control, detect errors in composition or finished products faster and be able to make targeted recalls if necessary. Realize this using techniques such as scanning and use our experienced experts for custom implementations of the necessary hardware and software, in your manufacturing facility.

Supply of mushrooms in food manufacturing facility with conveyors

Landings in food chain

Take advantage of our vast experience in food production and distribution and achieve full traceability throughout the food chain. By ensuring ingredient registration right at the point of supply, you track everything faster and more accurately. Quickly figure out any problems with ingredients and communicate clearly back to suppliers, with accurate item numbers, weights, manufacturing dates and other data. Ensure strong supply chain integration with your suppliers through smart data exchange and avoid costly manufacturing delays or even downtime.

Customized advice

Are you looking for ways to produce more and faster with the same number of employees? Or, for example, do you want to improve quality and record and track error-free? Then contact one of our specialists for a free consultation and find out how we can help you achieve your goals. After an initial discussion, you will not only have a better idea of the possibilities, but also advice on the first steps you can take to optimize your processes.

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