• Customized tunnel solution with RFID technology
  • Complete implementation; from design to on-site installation
  • Integrated with your ERP or WMS
  • A fast and proven implementation

Backend integration

CaptureTech’s RFID Tunnel is an automated system that helps companies efficiently and accurately track their goods in various operational environments, such as warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

The system consists of a series of RFID readers strategically placed along a path of movement, such as a conveyor belt. The readers use radio waves to detect RFID tags attached to objects.

When an object moves through the tunnel, the RFID tags on that object are detected by the readers. Each RFID tag contains unique identification data that can be read by readers. This data is then captured and processed, allowing the system to track the presence and location of objects in real time.

The RFID tunnel offers several advantages over manual inventory methods. The system works quickly and accurately, saving time and unnecessary labor. It can process large quantities of objects quickly, improving the efficiency of logistics processes. In addition, the RFID tunnel provides better traceability of goods, giving companies a better understanding of their inventory and the ability to reduce losses.

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RFID Tunnel

The use of CaptureTech’s RFID tunnel enables a streamlined and automated approach to identifying, tracking and managing goods, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

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