Warehouse worker performing replenishment process with a reach truck


Put-away of received goods and replenishment are important processes in a warehouse or distribution center. When replenishment is not performed correctly, errors arise during the rest of all work that must be fixed.

Registration of the replenishment process

Therefore, the process of replenishment should always be recorded. Depending on the type of carrier (for example, a pallet or box), you perform registration with handhelds or vehicle mount computers. Transportation equipment is also a determining factor in this. To avoid errors in the further process, efforts should be made to give each item its own location in the ERP or WMS and confirm this as well.

CaptureTech Connect mobile application on a handheld device ICT logistics

Replenishment software

With CaptureTech Connect, you have the software to correctly perform the replenishment process. Record goods received and put them away in the right locations with the intuitive Android application.

Implement CaptureTech Connect within a week and integrate with your ERP. Start digitizing and automating the important processes on the shop floor:

  • Receiving
  • Replenishment
  • Oderpicking
  • Inventory management

Also gain real-time insight into performed and scheduled tasks in the software’s dekstop application. All securely and fully managed in our Azure Cloud.