Warehouse worker receiving goods: goods receiving.


Error-free recording of goods flows ensures correct inventory positions and traceability through the supply chain. Within this, goods receiving is an indispensable part. With the right combination of hardware and software, incomplete deliveries and breakage are immediately recorded, and the appropriate work processes are initiated.

Proper identification at goods receipt

Make sure your ERP or WMS records goods receipts properly right away and goods get the right storage locations. Scan incoming goods with a barcode scanner or deploy an RFID tunnel. Industrial tablets with built-in scanner and camera are also widely used to check goods and book them directly into the system.

By using the right IT solutions when receiving goods:

  • Increase the accuracy of your inventory
  • Improve reliability of deliveries
  • And easily check and record the quality of goods

Goods receiving software

Start making your receiving process more efficient right away with convenient dashboards and an intuitive Android app for scanning. To do this, use the CaptureTech Connect software, which we integrate with your existing IT systems.

CaptureTech Connect for goods receipt

Weft scan app

With CaptureTech Connect, you use the same app for:

Everything in one system.

CaptureTech Connect

Production Planning

Weft is also an important moment for organizations with manufacturing processes. The availability of real-time data improves production planning. Every flow of goods becomes visible in your system, giving you a better overview and allowing you to make informed decisions about the deployment of resources in your production environment.

Mobile workstation

With mobile workstation trolleys, you create a flexible and ergonomically sound workstation for goods receiving employees. Implement the mobile workplace easily with the necessary equipment such as scanners, label printers and tablets.

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Label printer for label printing in goods receiving or shipping, for example.

Printing at goods receipt

With industrial desktop printers, you can quickly and easily print labels to identify received goods within your warehouse or distribution center. We supply, implement and maintain printers from multiple quality brands. We also provide different types of labels so you can start printing labels right away in your receiving process.

How to choose the right barcode printer?

Inside the warehouse of Van der Meulen
Van der Meulen - Wholesale

What do our customers say?

“Given the complexity of our inbound flow of goods, this is a very big efficiency gain for us.”

Anne Bijlsma
Manager of Operations

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