• Accelerated receiving process
  • Reduced waiting times for drivers
  • Available in different finishes and qualities

Serious shipping with SSCC labels

Serial Shipping Container Code labels comply with the GS1 standard for standardized international shipping codes. That means the shipping code on the SSCC label is unique worldwide. Thus, with this code, goods can be identified via barcode anytime and anywhere without error. All major ERP and WMS vendors already have their software packages set up for this so you can usually get started right away.

Benefits of an SSCC label

With SSCC labels, you ensure fewer errors and you and your supply chain partners can easily track and trace goods throughout the supply chain. Moreover, you make deliveries more reliable, and with the standardized way of working you speed up the process of receiving goods, reducing drivers’ waiting times.

Size labels

The SSCC labels have the standard dimensions of 148 mm wide and 210 mm high (A5 size). The labels are produced in various quantities and are available in a variety of qualities and finishes. For example, options include paper, thermal eco, thermal top, plastic, water-soluble and with or without perforation line.

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SSCC Labels

Pallet labels for Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC) to comply with GS1 standard.

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