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Cyber Security

Cyber Awareness

Make employees aware of phishing and social engineering and prevent them from giving cybercriminals access to your data and systems.

Prevent human error

Cyber security often involves solutions in software and hardware, such as virus scanners and firewalls. Rightly so, as they are indispensable to cybersecurity and thus a permanent part of CaptureTech Cyber Shield.

What we must not forget, however, is the human factor. A large proportion of attacks and data security incidents occur because of human actions, usually unknowingly.

There are plenty of examples. Consider clicking on a link in the mail that brings in malware. Or a payment made because a director supposedly mails, but which in reality is identity fraud. But losing a device containing company information also falls under human error and can lead to a data breach.

Creating awareness among employees about cyber security is an important part of CaptureTech Cyber Shield. We realize this through:

  • Phishing tests
  • Training videos
  • Social Engineering

You can also access short 5-minute training videos with CaptureTech Cyber Shield. This provides employees with an accessible explanation of what they themselves can do when it comes to security, what they need to watch out for and what the consequences of their actions may be for the organization. Among other things, they receive phishing training.

Cyber awareness phishing


An important part of cyber awareness is recognizing phishing. In the Security Scan we already pay attention to this as well, for example by using a phishing test to see anonymously how employees react to a phishing e-mail. And we repeat this with some frequency, because repetition makes it stick better.

The consequences of a successful phishing attack by cybercriminals are great. For example, data can be encrypted and held to ransom (ransom), data can be made public, or data and systems can be misused for criminal purposes.

With the huge increase in phishing attacks in recent years, cyber awareness, and specifically knowledge of phishing, among employees is very important. Phishing is the cause of 91% of all data breaches.

To prove our expertise in phishing, we test the level of our own organization every year by participating in the NK phishing for IT companies.

cyber awareness and phishing

Social engineering

You can manage your cyber security so well, if you leave out the human factor, you are waiting for trouble. Moreover, the AVG/GDPR expects your employees to be aware of the rules around privacy and data processing. With CaptureTech Cyber Shield, we therefore also pay sufficient attention to this, for example by additionally addressing social engineering.

Social engineering involves manipulating employee behavior with clever psychological tricks to reveal confidential information. Often it is part of a larger sophisticated fraud scheme. By having employees perform short tests regularly, they learn to recognize them.

Cyber Security Scan

Start easily and know immediately where you stand with the Security Scan. With this baseline measurement, we scan your current environment, including existing software and hardware and your security policies. Usually we can quickly identify some immediately visible risks, but we also come up with a comprehensive and in-depth report for your area. Should you subsequently choose our CaptureTech Cyber Shield subscription, we do this scan every year and also perform phishing simulations.

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