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To reduce labor costs, yet one of the largest expenses within a distribution center, process optimization can make all the difference.

But how do you find out the result of such process optimization? In other words, how does the process really work and can you save more on labor on top of the optimizations you already invested in?

With CaptureTech Insight, you can see exactly how processes are running and realize significant cost savings while improving the quality of your services. So a win-win.

Easily set targets for new employees to determine if someone meets the requirements for work in your warehouse or distribution center. This gives you the information you need for truly reasoned communication with external staffing agencies, for example, and even allows you to make targets part of an SLA.

How does CaptureTech Insight work?

CaptureTech Insight (formerly “Performance Manager”) collects relevant and detailed information in real time during the picking process. Then use that big data to identify bottlenecks. If you solve those bottlenecks, you increase efficiency.

Measuring performance

Within CaptureTech Insight, timers are turned on and off for almost all activities, so you can monitor exactly how long someone is working on something. For example, you can monitor how long it takes someone to set up a roll container, how much time it takes them to walk to a location and how long the picking takes including dropping off the roll container.

Once you have a better picture of the process, you can improve. Such as modifying a pick route by moving the label printer to another location which shortens your walk route.

Proactive monitoring

Know in advance if the work will be finished on time? CaptureTech Insight is also able to proactively monitor order progress so you can decide in time whether more or less capacity is needed. In short, do you need additional employees, such as by calling up temporary workers, or do they need to go home earlier, thus avoiding excess capacity?

Recognizing problems

With CaptureTech Insight, you figure out problem cases with individual order pickers. Is there an order picker who needs to repeat a check number more often or whose commands are not recognized by the system? When monitoring such information, by acting on it, you can improve the situation.

Pairing for optimal efficiency

Link CaptureTech Insight to your ERP or WMS system. The best results are achieved by combining CaptureTech Insight with a Voice Recognition system. The positive impact on logistics processes can be overwhelming.

Our approach

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Working more efficiently and making timely adjustments starts with a scan of your current logistics processes
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Followed by sound advice from our specialists.
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Do you have an ERP or WMS system? CaptureTech's software always interfaces with your other systems, speeding up and optimizing processes. When your logistics performance becomes measurable, you can improve processes. CaptureTech Insight gives you those insights.
Barcode Scanning


CaptureTech develops and realizes product identification with barcode, voice and RFID techniques, among others. Together with our customers, we choose the appropriate technology and implement and secure it in your logistics environment.
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Based on your needs and ambitions, we determine which hardware best suits your processes. Our advice is always clear and well-reasoned.
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Once you have made your choice of application and/or hardware, you obviously want it to remain stable and up-to-date under all circumstances. With CaptureTech Protect from CaptureTech, your mobile devices, wireless infrastructure and software are monitored and kept in optimal condition so you don't have to worry about them yourself.

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