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To reduce labor costs, yet one of the largest expenses within a distribution center, process optimization can make all the difference.

But how do you find out the result of such process optimization? In other words, how does the process really work and can you save more on labor on top of the optimizations you already invested in?

With CaptureTech Insight, you can see exactly how processes are running and realize significant cost savings while improving the quality of your services. So a win-win.

Easily set targets for new employees to determine if someone meets the requirements for work in your warehouse or distribution center. This gives you the information you need for truly reasoned communication with external staffing agencies, for example, and even allows you to make targets part of an SLA.

How does CaptureTech Insight work?

CaptureTech Insight (formerly “Performance Manager”) collects relevant and detailed information in real time during the picking process. Then use that big data to identify bottlenecks. If you solve those bottlenecks, you increase efficiency.

Our approach

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