Hans Anders Digitizes Warehouse

Warehouse optimization

The Hans Anders Retail Group has taken the next step in their digital transformation. The fastest growing retailer in the optical industry with some 700 branches of Hans Anders, eyes + more and Direkt Optik wants to further optimize and digitize the processes in its warehouse.

ProGlove scanning QR code in Hans Anders warehouse

Earlier, together with Hans Anders, we realized a major efficiency improvement in inventory management in the stores by deploying RFID technology. RFID tagging the eyeglasses changed a store’s inventory from a time-consuming and costly chore to minutes of work. This time we were allowed to support Hans Anders in the warehouse.

The warehouse staff still had to perform a relatively large number of manual operations, and the scanners were no longer ergonomically sound. Furthermore, Hans Anders wanted to make order picking faster and more efficient.

In collaboration and with advice from CaptureTech, an integrated system was arrived at, driven from the ERP and with new tablets and scanners for order picking.

Woman multi orderpicking with ProGlove and tablet in Hans Anders warehouse

Multi order batch picking

The digitized process allows for multi order batch picking; an order picker picks multiple orders in one route with his or her cart simultaneously for the different branches and places the goods in different bins. A great time saver and because every location and bin is scanned there is traceability and a reduced chance of errors.

With the Zebra ET51, order pickers have a rugged yet lightweight tablet that guides them properly through the warehouse, to the right locations. Because CaptureTech connected the ET51s to the SAP ERP system, Hans Anders can display the correct data on the tablets from there.

Faster order picking and error reductions result not only in cost savings but also in increased service to the 700 stores.

Ergonomics have been improved by the choice of ProGlove MARK 2 wearable scanners. These are worn on the top of the hand and weigh only 40 grams. Again, control comes directly from the SAP ERP system, so the user knows how much to pick.

Direct contribution to objectives

Sanne Oosterhoff, Group Operations Director adds, “Digitalization and integration of processes helps us optimize logistics throughout the chain and increase the level of service to our labels, stores and customers. The risk of error in the logistics processes is significantly reduced, while we increase the independence of our employees. We relieve them of unnecessary, manual tasks. Moreover, we make better use of the capacity of our warehouses and it contributes directly to our sustainability goals. Thus, as a platform, we are better prepared for future innovations, for people and planet.”

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