• Ergonomic, lightweight design
  • Adaptable to different applications
  • Ruggedly built to withstand tough working environments
  • Uninterrupted full-shift operation of battery

8680i wearable mini mobile computer

The 8680i is a wearable, hands-free scanner designed for use in a variety of applications such as warehouse management, manufacturing, distribution, and healthcare. The device is designed to increase employee productivity by reducing the need for manual data entry and streamlining scanning processes.

The 8680i has a number of advanced features, including a customizable line-of-sight display that allows the user to view scanned data without the need for an additional device. The device also features Wi-Fi connectivity, which means data can be transmitted directly to a central database or server. This allows real-time monitoring of inventory levels and quick decisions based on the latest information.

Another key feature of the 8680i is the application development SDK, which allows users to develop custom applications tailored to their specific needs. This makes the device a versatile and adaptable solution for various industries and applications.

Overall, the 8680i is a reliable and efficient wearable scanner that can improve employee productivity and efficiency while providing a hands-free solution that allows them to focus on their work without being interrupted by scanning processes.


Engine Type2D
Scanning rangeStandard range (SR)
Number of scans8000
Operating Temperature- 20 - 50 °C
Storage Temperature- 20 - 60 °C
Protection classIP54

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Honeywell 8680i

The Honeywell 8680i wearable mini mobile computer is an advanced compact, ergonomic, high-performance Bluetooth® wearable scanning solution worn on one hand and designed to help companies streamline high-volume workflows such as order picking, sorting, putting away and packaging.

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