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Voice Picking

Optimal warehouse processes and increased job satisfaction at A&C Systems

A&C Systems is a leading distributor and service partner in consumer electronics with operations in Belgium (Hoegaarden), the Netherlands and France.

According to Stany Wertoy, Head of Logistics at A&C, the company mainly targets the larger retailers in Belgium and the Netherlands. At the same time, he also notes that the number of shipments going directly to the end user is increasing significantly. Three years ago, A&C Systems was forced to look for a new partner for their logistics hardware and software. The choice then quickly fell on CaptureTech. A choice that Stany has never complained about, he says in this article.

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A&C Systems warehouse from above

Continuity under all circumstances

A&C Systems distributes smartphones, laptops, tablets, wearables, accessories and products that you can connect to these devices. Think electric scooters and smart house applications, for example. In total, the company employs about 120 people in Belgium. A&C Systems also has 20 employees in the Netherlands and four in France.

“As Head of Logistics, I am responsible for everything received, shipped and returned and all the administration that goes along with it” Stany says. “In doing so, I strive to optimize the flow and continuity of logistics processes under all circumstances. So when we had to look for a new partner for our voice picking solution about three years ago, that was also my main concern.”

"Continuity of our processes, budget and timing were important criteria. CaptureTech offered a solution that fit perfectly within our outline."
Stany Wertoy, Head of Logistics, A&C Systems

Logistics flows via Voice picking from Honeywell

“At that time, the voice picking solution was already indispensable in our daily operations,” Stany Wertoy continues.

“So we had to implement a new installation without interrupting our operations. Needless to say, budget was a second important criterion in our search. We had a clear budgeting and it was essential that our partner could provide us with a solution that stayed nicely within those outlines.

Finally, timing was also crucial. To ensure continuity, we needed to know perfectly how and when the partner would roll out its solution. CaptureTech guaranteed us that continuity and also did so within the predetermined budget and time frame.”

Womand with voice picking headset picking an item

Hardware + software = complete optimization

“Initially, we were only looking for voice picking headsets and devices. It soon became apparent that CaptureTech could also take on the optimization of the necessary software. In order to make a good connection with Honeywell’s new devices and with our WMS and ERP system, CaptureTech developed a software with optimized tasks with instructions and controls for our operators.

Initially, the new software ran synchronously with the old one so we could compare the two and CaptureTech could customize their solution with information coming directly from the shop floor. Then we made the full transition to an optimized connection with the new devices.

The combination of the new devices and software allowed us to make quick strides in optimizing our logistics processes. We also laid the foundation for the next, important step with it.”

"With a training tool and CaptureTech Insight, we shorten training by 30% and our employees' results visibly skyrocket."
Stany Wertoy, Head of Logistics, A&C Systems

Gains on several fronts

That step became the development of a training tool based on Honeywell RapidStart and CaptureTech Insight software, which allows A&C Systems to monitor and improve the performance of its logistics personnel. CaptureTech also developed that software itself.

“We still use them very intensively today,” stressed Stany Wertoy. “Especially the team leaders of the dispatch team use this tool when evaluating and training their employees.

So we are making gains on several fronts. First, we spend up to 30% less time on training and education, so we can deploy our people much faster. CaptureTech Insight makes performance visible to our employees. They can see their results in real time and make adjustments on the spot should the need arise. We find that this boosts results as well as job satisfaction.”

A&C Systems and CaptureTech: a shot in the arm

he cooperation between the two companies quickly developed into a long-term partnership. This is in part because CaptureTech was thinking with the distributor from the early stages and looking for innovative solutions.

“A&C Systems is not going to rush into a new partner. When we make that decision, we want a long-term collaboration. At CaptureTech, we find a partner that not only has quality products and the right expertise but also acts quickly and communicates transparently.

Equally important, they continue to work with us to find the right answers to changes in our industry. For example, the bar codes on packaging are becoming smaller and therefore harder to scan. Instead of looking for a solution ourselves, we now have a partner on our side who researches, organizes tests and suggests the right solutions. Such cooperation is invaluable for any company with logistics operations.”