• 7th generation (Kaby Lake) Intel® Core™ i57200U 2.5GHz (turbo to 3.1GHz)
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Fully dust and water resistant, IP65
  • Stainless steel housing with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Optical bonding with optional antimicrobial treatment
  • Optional 5-Wire protective glass (anti-reflection)

Winmate touchscreen PC

Winmate Touch Panel PC is a product line of industrial computers designed with advanced touch screen functionality. These TouchPanel PCs offer an intuitive and interactive way of working in demanding environments where reliable and precise operation is required. They are widely used especially in industrial sectors.

Advanced touchscreen functionality for interactive control

Winmate’s Touch Panel PCs are equipped with a high-quality touchscreen display. They offer various touchscreen technologies, such as resistive, capacitive or projective capacitive touchscreens. These technologies provide precise and responsive touch operation even when operated with gloves or in environments with moisture, dust or oil.

High-quality touchscreen displays in various sizes

The LCD screen of the Touch Panel PC can vary in size, from compact screens of a few inches to larger screens of more than 21 inches. The screen usually offers high resolution and brightness, which ensures clear and sharp display of information and graphics.

Powerful computing components for optimal performance

In addition to touchscreen functionality, Winmate Touch Panel PCs are equipped with powerful computing components. They often come with Intel processors, which provide enough computing power for complex tasks. They can also be configured with sufficient system memory, storage options and connectivity, such as USB ports, serial ports, Ethernet and wireless capabilities.

Robust construction for demanding environments

The housing of the Winmate Touch Panel PC is designed to withstand demanding environments. They have a sturdy and robust construction that can withstand vibration, shock, dust, water and extreme temperatures. This makes them suitable for use in harsh industrial environments where reliability and durability are essential.

Winmate Panel PC showing water resistance

Flexible installation options for various applications

Winmate’s Touch Panel PCs also offer flexibility in installation options. They can be easily mounted on the wall or on a vehicle, for example. This makes them ideal for use in demanding industrial environments.

Compatibility with different operating systems and software

Winmate Touch Panel PCs come with compatibility for various operating systems, such as Windows and Linux. They also support a wide range of applications and software tools needed for data processing, visualization and system integration.

Improved efficiency and trouble-free interaction in industrial environments

Overall, Winmate’s Panel PCs provide a reliable and intuitive solution for industrial computing needs. With advanced touchscreen functionality, powerful performance and durability, they enable users to work more efficiently and interact smoothly with the computer in demanding environments.

Protected I/O ports

The combination of robustness with an array of I/O ports makes this device very useful for multiple industrial applications. In addition, the waterproof connectors come with screw-on caps for added protection.

Winmate Panel PC backside with I/O connectors


Dimensions468 x 395 x 63 mm
Resolution display1280x1024
Operating SystemWindows 10 IoT Enterprise (Optional) Linux Ubuntu 20.04 (Optional)
AttachmentVESA Mount Yoke Mount

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Winmate Panel PC

Winmate panel PC made of stainless steel with touch screen and for use in various production environments. Water and dust resistant for regular cleaning processes and strict hygiene standards in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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