• Magnetic, adhesive and/or reflective
  • Flexible and easy to apply yourself
  • Manufactured from a semi-permanent vinyl
  • Improved scannability
  • Perfect solution for refrigerated or frozen warehouse
  • Good solution for highly profiled beams

Multi cables including pick locations

Multilabels are a valuable tool for organizing and identifying pick locations in a warehouse environment. They offer the ability to add multiple positions to a single label, increasing efficiency and convenience.

In a reach truck warehouse, where drivers need to be able to scan multiple locations at different levels, multilabels can offer significant benefits. By assigning multiple positions on a label, drivers can quickly and easily find the information they need without wasting a lot of time searching for individual labels at different levels.

In addition, multilabels can be used in conjunction with individual pick location labels, providing flexibility in assigning positions to specific items or pallets. This makes it possible to address complex storage structures and requirements while maintaining traceability and accuracy.

Working more efficiently

One label collects all upper and possibly lower levels for each position. Everything is displayed on a clear and clean layout. A multilabel is often placed on the lower girder, and in most cases height combo labels are used in addition to multilabels.

Multi-labels are manufactured in many variations. For example, you have the choice of:

  • Magnetic location labels
  • Self-adhesive location labels
  • Reflective location labels
  • Plastic location labels

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Multi cables

Multilabels are specifically for the location identification of pallet racks in a reach truck warehouse.

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