• For area indication in warehouse or DC
  • With various mounting and hanging options
  • Increase scanning distance and reduce error probability
  • Classification of bulk locations, zones and inbound and outbound storage locations

Professional scanning boards

Use area and aisle signs in your warehouses or DC to indicate the location of products or materials and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the storage and picking process. With location boards, you create the optimal layout for your floor or bulk storage, for example, and allow employees on the shop floor to work most efficiently.

Reflective material

Greatly increase the scanning distance by choosing to add one or more bar codes to the signs in retro reflective material. Especially when combined with FlexRange scanners, for example, you make it easier for your forklift drivers and order pickers.

Fixing area and aisle signs

In your warehouse, the choice of the type of identification of, for example, bulk locations, zones and inbound and outbound storage locations depends in part on the amount of work traffic. When forklifts and reach trucks drive in and out daily, floor labels are not recommended. Instead, you can choose magazine signs that you attach to the ceiling.

Take advantage of the various options for attaching warehouse signs. Such as magnets, chains, attaching to a steel wire rope or hanging with a rail system for maximum flexibility. You can also screw or attach area and aisle signs with tie-wraps, or strong adhesive double-sided tape.

In addition to these options, there are other ways to hang location signs in your warehouse. With a wooden ceiling, for example, you can use screw eyes or screw hooks, to which you attach the signs with chains. That’s why our advisors always provide customized advice, based on your specific needs and possibilities at your locations.

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Site signs

Improve location marking in your warehouse or DC with professional area and aisle signs.

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