• Compact dimensions
  • Scan barcodes from 10 cm to as far as 10.7 m away
  • Quick targeting and scanning
  • No moving parts for instant auto-focus
  • Lightweight

One scanner for far and near

Honeywell FlexRange is an advanced technology designed specifically for workers who need to scan a wide range of distances with just one device. Patented FlexRange technology allows scanners to scan barcodes from a distance of 10 to 10.7 meters.

What makes FlexRange unique is the dual-lens architecture integrated into the scanners. This architecture makes it possible to scan close, medium and long range without the need for moving parts. This results in an optimal combination of speed, range and robustness.

With FlexRange, warehouse workers can quickly and accurately scan barcodes regardless of distance. Whether scanning barcodes in close proximity or reading barcodes at high altitude or distance, FlexRange offers the flexibility and reliability needed for a variety of applications.

The technology is especially useful in environments where workers face varying distances, such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and retail stores. With FlexRange, employees can work more efficiently because they no longer have to rely on multiple scanners with different ranges.

In addition, FlexRange offers the benefits of speed and reliability, allowing workers to scan barcodes effortlessly, even in demanding environments. The technology is designed to be durable and robust, allowing it to withstand daily wear and tear and ensure consistent performance in demanding working conditions.

In short, Honeywell FlexRange is the ideal choice for employees who have needs for a single device that can scan a wide range of distances. With its dual-lens architecture using patented FlexRange technology, it offers the ultimate combination of speed, range and robustness. Whether scanning barcodes from near or far, FlexRange ensures reliable and efficient performance.


Dimensions16.15 mm x 23.5 mm x 6.8 mm
Operating temp-25°C to 50°C
Field of viewNear: 48 x 21 degrees Far: 20 x 12 degrees
AimerClass 2, 650nm Laser pointer (dot)
Sensor Resolution1920 x 800 pixels

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Honeywell FlexRange

Honeywell FlexRange is the best choice for workers who need to scan a wide variety of distances with a single device. This technology patented by Honeywell allows scanners equipped with FlexRange to scan barcodes from 10 cm to as much as 10.7 meters.

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