• Built on the Mobility Edge platform
  • Large touch screen and numeric keypad
  • Fast data processing and 1D/2D scanning
  • A battery that lasts twice as long as previous generations

Dolphin™ CN80 handheld computer

The large touch screeen with a 23-key numeric keypad or a 40-key QWERTY keyboard supports old key-oriented applications as well as newer touch applications. Keyboards enable input in extremely harsh environments and optimize efficiency in all environments. The enhanced 1D/2D scanning achieves scanning ranges from 0.15 m to 15.2 m, which are typically required in warehouses and distribution centers. Optional scan handle for point-and-shoot and flexibility to easily switch between hand and gun operation.

The extremely robust construction can withstand a 3-meter drop on concrete and 2,000 1.0-meter tumbles. IP65/IP67 rating against dust and splash water. Options for cold storage and nonflammability support operation where other products cannot.

The Honeywell Dolphin CN80 offers future-proof investment protection with support for five Android generations, starting with Android 8 (O). Security updates are also available up to two years after the last Google patch through Honeywell Sentinel.

The Dolphin CN80 offers both a large 4.2-inch vibrant color touchscreen and a choice of numeric or QWERTY keyboards, allowing users to choose the best input method for their current environment and be ready for the touch-centric applications of the future.


Memory32 GB Flash/4 GB RAM or 32GB Flash/3GB RAM
OSAndroid 8
Display resolution854 x 480
Operating Temperature- 20 - 50 °C
Storage Temperature- 30 - 70 °C
Scan rangeStandard Range of Long Range

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Honeywell CN80

The Honeywell Dolphin™ CN80 handheld computer helps you improve the speed and accuracy of your operations. This rugged Android™ compatible handheld computer features full-touch capabilities plus real keys for fast data entry at high transaction speeds, even in harsh conditions. The Dolphin CN80 is also an Android Enterprise Recommended device, which means it is rugged, built to be easily deployed in the field, and built to stay up-to-date over a long lifetime.

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