Successful participation Transport & Logistics 2023

24 October, 2023
Transport & Logistics 2023 Antwerp
24 October, 2023

The Transport & Logistics Fair 2023 was an unforgettable experience for our team. We have been overwhelmed by the positive response and valuable interactions we have had with visitors. Read more about the solutions at our booth in a detailed overview below, or watch the video where Christoph van de Vondel talks about them.

Mobile warehouse devices at transport & logistics 2023

CaptureTech Connect

CaptureTech Connect is designed to help you optimize key logistics processes: Goods receiving, order picking, movement and inventory management. It allows you to seamlessly integrate data from the ERP or the WMS with the hardware used in these processes. With an intuitive Cloud application and an integrated scanner application, we ensure smooth collaboration between your hardware and software, resulting in more efficient warehouse management, error-free operations and accurate inventory.

Hardware-as-a-service at Transport & ogistics 2023


The innovative pay-per-use model, Hardware-as-a-Service, is a flexible solution when you are looking for cost-effective scanning hardware. By doing so, you are opting for a subscription formula, which not only ensures financial flexibility, but also adaptability during peak times at your locations. With this model, you don’t have a high initial investment cost, creating a direct return-on-investment.

wifi and infrastructure at Transport & Logistics 2023

WiFi, Infrastructure & IT Security

In the digital age, a reliable network connection is essential. Our specialized network team provides a robust and secure network connection, making us the One-Stop-Shop for all your digitization needs within your locations. From setting up and fully managing a stable WiFi network to infrastructure and ensuring IT security, we can fully implement and manage it for you.

Hands-free technology at Transport & Logistics 2023

Hands-free Technologies

Our hands-free technologies, including the ProGlove glove scanner and voice picking, are highly effective in improving efficiency and ergonomics within your warehouse. They enable employees to perform tasks such as order picking faster and provide greater ergonomics and accuracy.

Mobile Warehouse Devices

Mobile Warehouse Devices

Mobile warehouse devices, from scanners to tablets to forklift terminals, is designed to meet the unique needs of any demanding environment. These devices are not only robust and reliable, but also user-friendly, ensuring pleasant and efficient work for your employees.

CaptureTech Protect at Transport & Logistics 2023

Protect & manage devices

With the CaptureTech Protect program, you use Mobile Device Management software so we can manage, monitor and secure all your mobile devices, printers and Wi-Fi infrastructure.

In addition, you get up to 24/7 access to our IT specialists, ensuring the continuity of your processes at all times. Application manager Ron Ranzijn of logistics service provider St vd Brink says: “With CaptureTech Protect, we know for sure that our devices and business continuity will be fine.”

Demo Devices & Advice

Choosing the right hardware and software is critical to the success of any warehouse, DC, manufacturing location, retail environment or container yard. That’s why we not only offer you demo materials for all types of devices to test in your own environment, but also expert advice from our experienced team. Whether it’s figuring out which hardware best suits your processes and employees, or selecting the best software solution and support services, we’re here to help.

CaptureTech beurs

ICT & Logistics

Did you miss the Transport & Logistics? Then come to the ICT & Logistics in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Find us at booth 03.D039, near the large terrace in the middle of the fair, or at the cybersecurity pavilion.

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Need advice?

Want to know how our solutions can help you become more productive in your warehouse, DC, production site or office? Ask our specialists. Call +31 252 241544 for direct contact or leave your details and we’ll get back to you.

Need advice?

Want to know how our solutions can help you become more productive in your warehouse, DC, production site or office? Ask our specialists. Call +32 3 449 11 59 for direct contact or leave your details and we will get back to you.

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