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The KeyCop

Track and Manage Keys with Ease!

Track of all your organization’s keys, improve security and reduce costs with KeyCop by CaptureTech.

The KeyCop is a sealed ‘intelligent’ key ring for one or more keys that:

– Provides the latest Ultra High Frequency RFID technology
– Issues and collects multiple keys and/or KeyCops simultaneously
– Offers manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic registration
– Tracks and traces all keys in your organization
– Improves security with restricted access in time and space

key storage

The KeyConductor

Store keys securely!

Provide secure key management and storage with the KeyConductor, developed by CaptureTech. This key management system allows for secure storage of keys and is available with barcode scanning or with RFID.

You can choose a configuration that suits your organization’s business or operation—a car dealership will need a different key management system than a facilities manager.

The KeyConductor is designed on the basis of horizontal ‘blades’. Each blade is a metal strip containing the KeyConductor technology, with 12 key positions. Various cabinet sizes with different numbers of blades are available and the key management system can be easily expanded.


The CapLocker

A safe storage place!

Safely and securely store and manage business assets with the CapLocker, developed by CaptureTech. The CapLocker can be used for high-risk and/or valuable items such as weapons, pay terminals, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more! In addition to your company’s assets, the CapLocker can provide a safe storage place for employees’ personal belongings.

Essentially, the CapLocker is an electronic cabinet, or locker, with various compartments to securely store your items. It is available with pin code, barcode scanning or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).


The KeyCaptor

Secure keys and prevent theft with KeyCaptor

Ideal for the banking and cash-in-transit sectors, the KeyCaptor, developed by CaptureTech, is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking and tracing solution for maximum key security. This ‘intelligent’ cabinet uses smart KeyCop key rings to provide secure key registration and counters fraud and theft with 100 percent effectiveness.

The KepCaptor system identifies and weighs KeyCops for identification and  registration, ensuring no fraud or theft of keys can occur.

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