Historically, OT systems were developed without much attention to cybersecurity. Finally, they were always strictly separated from IT systems and the Internet. They ran in isolated environments with limited access and minimal data exchange with IT systems. As a result, they were considered inherently safe. But times have changed. In more and more industrial environments, OT environments are becoming connected to external and internal applications and the corporate network. The growing demand for data exchange has led to an integration of IT and OT.

With that, the Cybersecurity of Operational Technology is becoming increasingly important. According to the 2022 Fortinet State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report, 93% of all organizations experienced intrusions last year. In 61% of all cases, they targeted OT systems.

Protecting OT with cybersecurity is thus essential to ensure the continuity of vital processes and infrastructures. Our cybersecurity experts help you do this through strategy formulation, scans, employee awareness creation, Threat intelligence, pen testing and continuous monitoring.

One partner for IT and OT Security.

Developments in OT environments require an integrated strategy to properly protect both your IT and OT environments from cyber attacks. At the same time, securing OT environments requires specific measures and approaches because they are often fundamentally different from traditional IT systems. That’s why our OT security solutions come with turnkey integration with all our other IT solutions. This gives you one partner for all e IT and OT security issues.

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Volker Energy Solutions

“The previous successful cooperation and the knowledge and expertise they have in house has led to developing together the second generation of the OT workplace: an extremely secure workplace environment in the Cloud.”

Peter Oomens
Business Consultant

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OT security customization

Customization is crucial in OT Security because of the unique nature of OT environments. These systems vary widely by industry and application, and can present complex challenges, such as integration with legacy systems. Business-specific risks, compliance requirements and growing needs require solutions specifically tailored to organizations. Moreover, OT environments often need to be integrated with other systems, which requires flexible and adaptable security measures. CaptureTech offers this flexibility and expertise, providing you with effective protection against the growing threat of cyber attacks.

But a solid OT security strategy does not depend solely on technology. That’s why we provide extensive training and develop awareness programs for your employees. We teach them how to recognize threats, work safely and handle sensitive information with awareness.

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Analysis & Consulting

Customization: This may sound costly, but by conducting extensive analysis first, we can tailor our advice exactly to your specific needs. In doing so, we take into account your existing systems.

What makes our offering flexible is that when your requirements and situation change in the future, we can easily adjust your cybersecurity package.

Request the Security Scan

To make you an appropriate offer for our security solutions, we start with a Security Scan. Think of it as a baseline measurement: we scan your current environment, including existing software and hardware and your security policies. We often report immediately visible risks, but we also come up with an in-depth risk assessment for your OT and IT environment.

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Mikel Warbie
Cyber Security Specialist

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