CK65 Mobile computers

Mobile Computers

Mobile computers are used in industrial environments such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing environments and container terminals, as well as in retail stores and on the road by couriers, for example. These environments often place high demands on equipment used there.

For example, the battery should last an entire shift so that the employee does not have to interrupt work in between to recharge the battery or replace a battery. Furthermore, the mobile computers are often equipped with a 1D and 2D barcode scanner (also suitable for QR codes), as scanning is the way to properly record products, packages, locations and operations.

That registration is important because it creates what is known as a “papertrail”: a trail of documents, reports, dates, locations, people, etc. that can be used to trace back, step by step, how the process went. For example, errors can be easily detected and quickly fixed. But there is also immediate verification that the employee is holding the right product, standing in the right location or performing process in the right order. Namely, by real-time connection between the mobile computer and the underlying IT system.

So by scanning a barcode or QR code, you check that you are taking the right action. In short, with a mobile computer you reduce errors and work more efficiently than with pen and paper.

Putting mobile computers into use

How do you start using a mobile computer? You can easily order equipment such as mobile computers online and start using them in your warehouse, distribution center or production facility, for example. But how do you make sure your employees use only the apps they need to use? And that the computer scans barcodes correctly and communicates with, for example, your WMS, ERP or other software you use to execute your processes correctly? This requires the proper configuration of your equipment settings. Every day, our IT specialists perform such configurations and implementations at our customers.

Operating System MDM

Managing your equipment

As the number of mobile computers you use increases, so does managing them. But even with just a few, you would like the operating software to always be up-to-date, the battery life to last as long as possible, and your mobile computer to be secure against hacks. That’s why we developed CaptureTech Protect. This gives you up to 24/7 support from our IT specialists for the duration of your contract. In addition, Mobile Device Management software is included. This handy tool allows our people to remotely troubleshoot, perform updates and make configuration changes.

Your mobile computers always connected

Without a good Wi-Fi connection, a mobile computer will not work most efficiently. That’s why we have a dedicated team consisting of network specialists who provide the right infrastructure at your location. Without knowing it, there can be several Think of too few or too many access points, too much transmit power on the access points, outdated firmware, malfunctioning antennas or materials that interfere with the signal. Our specialists will map this out for you through an on-site Wi-Fi measurement. Apps on your mobile computers are consuming more and more bandwidth, so if the Wi-Fi measurement reveals that your Wi-Fi is (partially) in need of replacement, we can help you with that.

wifi measurement

Our access points are managed from the cloud. The extensive configuration and management capabilities give you insight into your total network from one central location. You get insight into the applications and mobile computers used per user. With this information, the WiFi network is automatically set up for the best possible performance for each user.