Fine Dining & Living, a leading wholesaler of tableware, tableware and decoration, operates in as many as 50 countries, serving both retail and hospitality customers. With a focus on growth and the recent launch of a B2C channel, it became clear that optimizing warehouse processes was a necessity.

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Partnership for innovation

To achieve this ambition, the company decided on a thorough upgrade of their ERP system to iFacto Distri+. Outdated Windows CE equipment was also replaced with modern technology. In this transition, CaptureTech, with whom they had worked successfully before, was an essential partner.

Finance Director Fine Dining & Living

The collaboration began with extensive conversations about Fine Dining & Living’s specific needs. Christoph van de Vondel, a consultant at CaptureTech, brought a range of demo materials with which they could test and experiment extensively. An in-depth look at the actual operation in the warehouse was taken to determine what best suited their requirements.

One notable aspect of the collaboration was CaptureTech’s flexibility to embrace changes during the process. This allowed adjustments to be made as the project progressed, which ultimately contributed to the successful end result.

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Goods receipt optimization

A notable improvement was achieved in goods receiving. Where previously fixed computer equipment and handheld scanners were used, the company now opted for a mobile workstation combined with Zebra’s MC3300 mobile computer. This smart mobile workstation trolley is equipped with a scale, a label printer and a computer device, which significantly accelerated goods receiving. In addition, the data can now be immediately loaded into Dynamics 365 Business Central, making the overall logistics flow more efficient, resulting in faster deliveries.

ProGlove fine dining & living

Efficiency gains of 15% in the picking process

The picking process also saw progress with the implementation of the TC53 in conjunction with the back-of-hand ProGlove MARK Display scanner. This left the warehouse worker’s hands free at all times and allowed goods to be placed directly on the pallet without putting the scanner away.

This led to a significant efficiency gain of 15% in the picking process, thanks in part to the wearable ProGlove barcode scanners. This resulted in a positive return on investment that is expected to be realized within one or two years.

iFacto ERP

Integration with iFacto

During the project, a component was developed between the iFacto scanning app and the ProGlove display. This component ensured that the correct data from the iFacto scanning app showed up on the user’s ProGlove display in the warehouse.

CaptureTech Protect fine Dining & living

Complete peace of mind with CaptureTech Protect

In addition to the implementation, Fine Dining & Living chose the CaptureTech Protect program, which gave them complete peace of mind for all scanning devices and printers in the warehouse. With remote support, OS upgrades and security upgrades were provided, keeping the equipment in perfect working order at all times.

Communication between Fine Dining & Living and CaptureTech was smooth and transparent throughout the project. The flexibility and cooperation between the two parties ensured that the project could be completed within the specified time, resulting in a beautiful end result. This successful partnership between Fine Dining & Living and CaptureTech illustrates how technological advances and close collaboration can lead to more efficient business processes and ultimately higher customer satisfaction.

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