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10 August, 2023
CaptureTech Raoul
Raoul Nuberg
William Breugem of CaptureTech
10 August, 2023
Raoul Nuberg

In the ever dynamic world of technology and innovation, there are those who embrace these changes with enthusiasm and tenacity. William Breugem, technical consultant at CaptureTech, is one such person. His journey began in the classrooms of the Hoornbeeck College in Rotterdam and eventually led him to the exciting world of technology at CaptureTech.

From religious school to ICT Success

William, a sober 29-year-old, remembers his days at the Hoornbeeck College, a religious MBO school, with a smile. ‘It was a strict school, with strict rules and mandatory religious education. But they had the best ICT course six years in a row, so I chose it. It was a challenge, but it worked out well,” he says.

His journey to CaptureTech began with an internship at IT Innovators, a company later acquired by CaptureTech. ‘I started as an intern, then support management and now technical consultant. It’s been a great journey,” he says with a smile. ‘I am proud of the steps I have taken, from a special school to VMBO, then MBO level 2 and 4, and now technical consultant at CaptureTech. It may have been a longer route, but for me it was definitely a big win.


Growing at CaptureTech

At CaptureTech, William has been given the opportunity to learn and grow, an opportunity he has seized with both hands. ‘The ICT sector is always evolving. If you have the opportunity to learn and grow within a company, that’s very important. That’s what CaptureTech offers,” he explains.

The road to success at CaptureTech was not always easy for William. Like everyone in the rapidly changing tech sector, he has faced challenges that have tested his determination and ability. “There were definitely moments of doubt and fear,” he admits.

However, instead of being discouraged, William used these obstacles as an opportunity to grow. “Each challenge taught me something new and forced me to find solutions,” he says. One memorable challenge was implementing a complex system for a major client.

William CaptureTech

Despite technical difficulties and tight deadlines, he managed to successfully complete the project. ‘These experiences have made me realize that I can achieve anything I want,’ William says. ‘Every victory, no matter how small, has contributed to my self-confidence.’ These experiences have taught him that every challenge presents an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Company culture at CaptureTech

The culture at CaptureTech is something William is tremendously excited about. “CaptureTech has a work environment that encourages growth,” he says. “It’s an open, collaborative environment where you can always turn to your colleagues for questions or advice.

The flexibility at CaptureTech is also something William values. The company understands that everyone is unique and encourages individual growth. ‘At CaptureTech, you are not pigeonholed. You get the space to learn and develop yourself at the pace that suits you,” he explains. In addition, he says that the culture at CaptureTech motivates employees to reach their full potential. “The support of my team and the positive culture at CaptureTech have helped me grow and achieve new goals,” he adds.

William emphasizes that the combination of a supportive work environment and the opportunity for individual growth plays a vital role in his success at CaptureTech.


Fascination and gratitude

William’s fascination with technology extends beyond his work. He is fascinated by artificial intelligence (AI) and spends a lot of time learning and researching this trend. ‘AI continues to fascinate me. I watch documentaries, follow developments in China, and am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge,” he says.

William office

Looking back on his journey, William is grateful for the opportunities he has had and the growth he has experienced. “I did choose a profession in which you can always continue learning,” he says. And with his determination and passion for technology, there is no doubt that William will reach many more heights in his career at CaptureTech.


Future plans and ambitions

While William is satisfied with his current role, he continues to look ahead. He has high ambitions for his future at CaptureTech. ‘I want to keep learning. There are so many aspects of technology I still want to explore,” he says.

His passion for AI plays an important role in his future plans. He hopes to further integrate this interest into his role at CaptureTech. ‘I would like to one day work on AI-related projects. The potential of AI is huge and I would love to see how we can leverage that at CaptureTech,” he explained.

Despite his ambitions, William remains down-to-earth. “It’s important to have goals, but I also believe in taking steps at a time. First learn, then grow,” he concludes.

William Breugem

If we ask William who he would like to see on the next CaptureCouch wants to see seated, the answer comes pretty quickly:‘Rick van der Voort. Especially now that he has a different role, and is no longer actively involved in support.

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