On the CaptureCouch: Michael van ‘t Hul

10 November, 2022
BMaarten de Bakker from CaptureTech
Maarten de Bakker
Marketing Manager
IT Consultant Michael van 't Hul on CaptureTech's CaptureCouch
10 November, 2022
Maarten de Bakker
Marketing Manager

A new edition of our recurring feature introducing you to our new employees. Today, Michael van ‘t Hul sits on the CaptureCouch. In February of this year he started at CaptureTech as a system administrator and last month he made the move to IT Consultant. So it’s high time to introduce him.

In any case, his recent experience has been very positive: “The past few months have gone very well and I am really enjoying myself here. That first period as a system administrator allowed me to get to know customers. I can now put that to good use in my new role, so that was very valuable.”


For Michael, a good employer challenges its employees enough: “That’s what I was looking for; a place where I can do more than before. I am very eager to learn. I always want to learn new skills, but most of all I want to be able to put them into practice.” At CaptureTech, Michael can do more different IT work, so that was one of the decisive reasons for joining CaptureTech.

“I have always had a good time with my previous employers. They constantly gave me room to continue learning. This has allowed me to invest in myself tremendously. In addition to being given space at work to learn, I do the same in my own time.”

But at some point, that newly acquired knowledge exceeded the opportunities at Michael’s employer. “I was in-house at one company where the day-to-day management and support activities started to become somewhat routine. And I shudder at that because I get bored quickly.” So the work no longer matched his ambition, and he started looking for the next challenge. The fact that he now had a number of Microsoft certifications under his belt came in handy.

Through headhunters on LinkedIn and a recruitment agency, Michael ended up at CaptureTech. “The first conversation with Maurice went very well and I didn’t have to think long about my decision. And with that choice I am very satisfied to this day.”


Rolled into IT

Michael has been working in IT since he was 17. “I rolled into it. I didn’t know what I wanted, my father was in the graphics business, and I once thought very simply: I’m going to do an education in IT anyway. After my internship, I was hired at a legal services firm on the service desk and since then I have had several jobs until I found my niche.

Michael started at the bottom: “Also at the next job I came in as a service desk employee, then you do the somewhat simpler things. You’re the first point of contact. You learn a lot from that, you get to know many aspects of the job. But if you apply yourself, you can often grow quite easily and take on more complex matters. After a few years I became a system administrator there, and in my last role before I started at CaptureTech, I mostly picked up complex questions.”

The first few months have served him well. “CaptureTech is a good employer, I like it here. And I get the challenge I needed here, the projects come at me nicely and that keeps me busy.”

Michael van 't Hul

Job satisfaction

Michael likes working with colleagues at CaptureTech. “I now sit with guys who are knowledgeable. Usually I was the one who knew the most, but then you don’t learn that much yourself. This is much easier. It also helps that they are about the same age, so you have more in common anyway. I have been here just over six months now and I like it. The colleagues are nice, the conditions are good, it’s a nice working environment, so I’m very satisfied.”

"What I like is that I get to work for different clients now. And that here I can put into practice what I have previously obtained certificates for."
Michael van 't Hul, IT Consultant

Now and in the future

“What I like is that I now get to work for different customers. And that here I can put into practice what I have previously obtained certificates for, such as setting up projects in Azure or finding advanced solutions to customer questions.”

The focus of Michael’s work is consulting for Microsoft services with clients. “I especially get energy from projects where something has to be set up. So starting at the beginning, and then not a standard configuration but customization that fits a client’s wants and needs. Give me a vision, the big picture, and then let me fill it in, and I’ll be happy with my work.”

Michael, of course, hasn’t finished learning. So he is now trying to master the intricacies of project management: “My colleague Martijn is a good teacher in this. How he documents everything and builds up a project, how he formulates things: he is just very strong in this. I can learn a lot from that; up until now I have mainly carried it out. The quotation process is also new for me, so for now I don’t have to worry that there is nothing to learn, on the contrary.”

“Consultancy is new to me, of course, so new challenges come up in other areas as well. In terms of hardware, for example, I’m not at all familiar with Fortinet’s firewalls, FortiGate. I would like to get a certification for that in order to be able to advise even better in the future. Other than that, I’ll let everything that’s new now come to me for a while.”

The urge to want to do something else right now is not there. “Of course, I just made the move to IT consultant, but I don’t care much about titles anyway. To me, certifications are worth more than an interesting-sounding job title. So I think I’m definitely going to learn more and develop in the future. I get that opportunity within CaptureTech and that’s very nice.”


Where is IT going?

A true IT professional naturally stays abreast of what is going on in the market and what the latest developments are. Michael sees a particularly important role for Azure: “If Azure were to fall away, I do have a challenge, because that’s what I specialize in. But of course that’s not going to happen, because the cloud is becoming more and more important. Eventually I see everything going to the cloud in one way or another; that trend has been going on for a few years now. Everything you can have in terms of infrastructure on-premises, you can also build and set up in Azure. More and more organizations are doing that, at least in part. And Azure is important in that because many organizations already have and know Microsoft. The advantage of the cloud is that it works anytime, anywhere. If your network is down, or something happens like a fire, your IT just keeps working. No matter where you are.”

“In addition, security is a very important pillar, as an organization you just have to have that in order. You can’t leave your door open at home anymore either, as an organization you have to have the digital door shut tightly. And so much is happening in that now, that changes every time and that’s good.”

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