Voice picking: Why an end-to-end solution right away?

In voice picking, each order picker has a voice terminal and headset with microphone. The order picker humanely receives spoken instructions from the computer about the pick location, the number of items to be picked and so on. Arriving at the location, he speaks a control number. After confirmation by the computer, the system “verbally” indicates how many items are to be collected for which order(s). Batch picking is also possible.

Many providers combine products from different suppliers into one “solution” that we conveniently call the umbrella solution. Convenience is mainly there for the provider, not for you as a customer. Because with mobile devices, headsets and speech recognition not optimally aligned, sooner or later you’re bound to run into trouble.

Guy with a voice picking headset in a warehousee

Advantages of voice picking

  • Error reduction
  • Time Saving & Productivity
  • Two hands free
  • Cost savings

Each user of a speech-dependent system uses a unique language database optimized for him/her. In it, words spoken by the voice picker are compared with words previously spoken by the same person. If you choose voice picking, CaptureTech says it’s the only right decision. It does require a larger initial investment, but one that pays for itself quickly. If you are willing to spend the money for this, why cut back on hardware and choose the cheapest and not the best solution?

CaptureTech is happy to provide a broad demonstration of solutions optimized for you and our technical know-how. What exactly do we mean by that? We demonstrate a voice solution not just in a quiet office within your distribution center or warehouse environment, but in the middle of it: full of background noise such as chatter, music and ventilation. With a cross-section of your employees, of various nationalities and accents. Only then can you appreciate our solutions and make a responsible choice between us and any other providers. Your customers’ satisfaction is important to us. You increase those by applying voice picking.

DC Walkthrough

DC walkthrough and ROI calculation

During our proven walkthrough of a distribution center, we analyze your warehousing processes and come up with sound advice on voice based on that analysis. We calculate your ROI including the payback period. Your productivity increases by at least 20% by deploying a voice solution from CaptureTech. And with the use of CaptureTech Insight, you can further optimize processes after implementation!

More information or a quote?

At CaptureTech, we make office and logistics collaboration possible. We believe that organizations can be more successful through better and faster collaboration. This contributes to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Want more information or a quote? Then contact us directly at +31 252 241544 or send an email to [email protected].

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