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Troostwijk digitizes with help from CaptureTech

Digitalization and digital transformation: two focal points of many an organization. Digitizing manual processes is an important first step. But expanding your organization’s services with digital means actually going through digital transformation as an organization.

In this way, in 90 years Troostwijk has grown from a valuation company to a full service provider in the field of risk assessments, valuations and claims settlements. Such a transformation requires reliable and future-proof support from an IT partner. Troostwijk found that support nearly 30 years ago with Maurice Pronk, who is now Director of Operations at CaptureTech. That collaboration continues to this day, but now also with support from CaptureTech’s team. When Toin Kuypers, Manager ICT at Troostwijk, has to summarize the cooperation, there is one word that keeps coming up: flexibility. Together with Toin, we look back on 30 years of collaboration.

Growing up together

“Maurice and I ‘grew up’ together, so to speak, in the world of ICT. I have been working at Troostwijk since 1991, starting as a programmer and getting to my current position via system and application administrator. In my early years the network at Troostwijk was converted to a PC network, and Maurice came over from his then employer for that,” Toin begins the story.

“When Maurice started for himself, Troostwijk joined him as a client. I was the only employee in the IT department for a while, and they then provided management support. In the end we did opt for our own IT department within Troostwijk, but that certainly did not mean the end of a pleasant cooperation,” he continues.

"To this day, CaptureTech supports our IT department whenever we need it. For example, they cover illness or leave, remote or at our location. The nice thing is that this can also be done quite ad-hoc, when I call they do know that it is not for nothing and a solution is always sought."
Toin Kuypers, Manager ICT

Partnering with CaptureTech

“The cooperation with CaptureTech, in addition to its flexibility, is also characterized by its short lines of communication and informal nature. After Troostwijk was acquired by the Spanish company Tinsa, which has its own complete data center, I had to get used to the fact that this contact is now more formal.

Tinsa’s IT policy is that they want to rely as little as possible on third parties, at least for IT infrastructure. Therefore, Tinsa still has an on-premises data center for all business units, rather than moving to the Cloud. They also want to keep security in-house.

So we have both dedicated hardware in the Spanish data center, as well as our own environment on shared hardware. We are responsible for management and applications ourselves, though, and CaptureTech understands that. For example, they support us when we have questions we want to spar with a professional about. They also provide us with a second opinion if requested. In short, CaptureTech is also flexible in this area and provides us with the support we need, when we need it,” said Toin.

IT as an essential part of Troostwijk’s operations

Troostwijk is originally a family business, which began with appraisals 90 years ago. Meanwhile, Troostwijk also performs contra-expertises and risk inspections, and Troostwijk’s experts can be called in for advice and research. “For some time now we have also had a platform for risk management, which our customers can use. With this we unburden them and with this IT is no longer just supporting what Troostwijk does; it has become an essential part of our business operations,” says Toin.

“We are becoming increasingly digital and like to take away concerns surrounding risk assessments, valuations and claims settlements from our clients. Furthermore, we provide, as the only one in the Netherlands, training for risk experts. That too requires a solid IT infrastructure. In short, we can no longer do without it, and CaptureTech understands that like no other. Our cooperation is therefore based on years of understanding and trust. The fact that we are not tied to expensive service contracts and can pay for what we need at competitive rates is also an absolute advantage,” he continues.

Working on a project basis

CaptureTech supports Troostwijk with the services and products they need, when they need it. Flexible and based on mutual respect and trust. “For example, Troostwijk is ISAE 3402 certified: a certification for managing risk, security and internal control in outsourcing. One of the components is the proper setup of the service desk so that everything is secured for our customers. CaptureTech supported us in this component and also provides the necessary security check every two years to maintain the certification” explains Toin.

“What’s just really nice about a project like this is that you know each other, you know what you can do with each other and the lines of communication are short. It’s no use to me if I have a question or challenge and then have to wait weeks before my partner has time to discuss it. At CaptureTech, I’m sitting down to a cup of coffee within a week – and sometimes within a day – to talk things through. If I need ad hoc support, it’s there. Without fussing about service contracts and so on. As I said: a very pleasant cooperation in which I have absolutely no need to look elsewhere. I think that says enough, right?” Toin concludes the conversation.

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