An iconic guitar brand, Gibson has a history of more than a hundred years. Founded in 1894 in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States, where its headquarters remain today. The EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) headquarters opened in the Netherlands in early 2000 and has been located in Amersfoort since 2019. That move was also the time for Gibson to look for a permanent IT service provider.

Top part of a Gibson guitar

outsource IT

Before the move, they worked with in-house IT staff, but that became increasingly difficult with the expansion of skills needed. On top of providing IT support, complete management of workstations, systems and servers became more important. “We then started a pilot to outsource IT services,” says Natasja Janssen, Director of Human Resources EMEA. In doing so, a local, European partner was necessary because of the time difference with the US. “With CaptureTech as a partner, we now have all the necessary knowledge and expertise at our disposal.”

Natasja had a positive feeling right away with CaptureTech: “The offer was clear and the communication during the offer stage was very pleasant.”

Another argument for choosing CaptureTech had to do with Gibson’s international composition and background, Natasja explains. “Our EMEA headquarters in the Netherlands employs about 40 people, but we have about 25 more employees spread throughout Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.” They deal locally with sales and maintaining relationships with artists and others in the entertainment industry. These workstations are also managed and provided with IT support by CaptureTech. “That CaptureTech provides 24/7 support and can communicate in English with Gibson employees in Europe and the U.S. when needed played a big role in our choice.”

"With CaptureTech as a partner, we now have all the necessary knowledge and expertise at our disposal."
Natasja Janssen, Director Human Resources EMEA, Gibson Europe

Collaboration between Gibson and CaptureTech

Furthermore, Natasja thinks it is important that their IT partner not be too big. “We like to work with partners who suit us. Who, like us, can easily switch quickly and work with fixed contacts. With very large organizations, you quickly become a number and lack attention. Also, the costs have to outweigh having our own IT staff.”

Meanwhile, Gibson and CaptureTech have been working together very pleasantly for about a year and a half now. “The setup works fine, it is clear who does what within the organization and there is always someone there. You notice that employees are trained and we are always helped quickly.” Employees working outside the Netherlands are also positive about how CaptureTech addresses their questions. “This is going very smoothly. I would definitely recommend CaptureTech,” says Natasja.

Gibson guitar office automation

The corona period for Gibson

Gibson believes it is important to always evolve itself as an organization and as a brand. In production techniques, with product development and design. Thus, they launched quite a few new products in 2020.

But also, for example, by establishing a new distribution channel. “We even had to set this up at an accelerated pace, because corona meant that online sales suddenly grew at a rapid pace and people started looking for their hobby during the lockdowns.” Now Gibson guitars and accessories are no longer sold only through dealers, but also directly to consumers. Through its own webshop. “Partly because of this, we did very well during the corona period,” says Natasja. The Netherlands was the first European country where Gibson deployed this new channel. And successfully so. “We are now rolling out to the other EMEA countries.”

"I would definitely recommend CaptureTech."
Natasja Janssen, Director Human Resources EMEA, Gibson Europe
Gibson logo on guitar with cable

Home working team

Because all employees worked from home, Gibson began to collaborate digitally much more during the corona period. “For example, we started using Microsoft Teams in addition to Dynamics. Very helpful that CaptureTech was there to help us set up Teams.”

“In the meantime, fortunately, we are also back in the office a lot. With such a beautiful building it’s a shame not to take advantage of it. And it’s nice to be back with all colleagues.” The Gibson team is diverse and has an alternative and informal corporate culture. Employees take pride in the Gibson brand and products, and you can feel that when you talk to them. “Almost everyone has a background in music or is connected to it in some other way. A super interesting company to work for,” Natasja concludes.

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