Prevent loss of portable scanners with Virtual Tether

20 August, 2021
virtual tether from zebra
20 August, 2021

The virtual tether application alerts users when a wireless barcode scanner is placed too far from the base station or when the scanner is not placed on the charger for a preset period of time. As a result, wireless scanners are always where they need to be, fully charged and ready for the next task. There is no more downtime due to lost scanners.

  • Suitable for different models
  • No more missing scanners
  • Scanners are fully charged
  • Prevents downtime due to dropped connections
  • Alerts fully configurable

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Why Virtual Tether?

If a scanner is not attached to a computer or other host, there is a risk of loss. For example, a self checkout customer may accidentally leave the checkout with a wireless scanner in his shopping cart. A store employee may leave a wireless scanner in the warehouse during a hectic shift. Or a warehouse employee accidentally puts a scanner in a customer’s outgoing shipment.

A lost scanner comes at a high cost to your business, such as lost productivity and a lost asset. Now you can easily keep your wireless scanners in place with Zebra’s Virtual Tether. This flexible tool alerts users when a scanner is moved too far from its base or is too far from the charger for a predetermined amount of time. As a result, your wireless scanners are always where they need to be, fully charged and ready for the next task. Maximize the availability of your wireless scanners with Virtual Tether.

Virtual tether Zebra

No more missing scanners

When Virtual Tether is enabled, the scanner and cradle will alert users when the scanner is taken out of Bluetooth range. The alarm stops when the scanner reconnects to the cradle, the duration of the alarm expires or an employee clears the alarm. With a combination of alarms, users know immediately if they are about to leave a wireless scanner behind. Combined with a scanner’s battery saver mode, Virtual Tether helps prevent work interruptions due to a dead battery. The holder LEDs flash when a scanner is out of the holder and has not been used for a preset time; a handy reminder to put the scanner back in the charger. The result? Scanners are always charged and ready for the next task. And by minimizing unnecessary battery wear, Virtual Tether can extend battery life.

Prevent broken connections

When a scanner is not operating in batch mode, Virtual Tether can alert workers before they get out of range of the cradle or host device. This avoids productivity loss and frustration resulting from disconnected connections and the need to reconnect. For example, a wireless scanner may vibrate and flash when a forklift driver walks too far from the forklift and the scanner is about to lose connection with the host.

Zebra Access Management System

The Zebra Access Management System is a cloud-based software tool that allows you to easily assign devices to your employees. In doing so, you make them responsible for the device on which they log in at the beginning and log out at the end of each shift. ZAMS helps you reduce device damage and loss, lowers costs and provides a better return on investment on your Zebra equipment.

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