Bustling ICT & Logistics 2023

14 November, 2023
CaptureTech at ICT & Logistics 2023
14 November, 2023

At the ICT & Logistics 2023 in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht last week, CaptureTech’s booth was crowded with logistics professionals, IT professionals and others looking for ways and technologies to optimize their logistics processes. Kees Nijssen, Randy van de Brink, Bas Jansen, Rogier Martens, Ronald Pannebakker, Maarten Anderson, Karenza van Rijn, Mikel Warbie and Maarten de Bakker were busy explaining the solutions on display. Read more about these solutions in a detailed overview below, or watch the video below where Bas Jansen talks more about them.

Hands-free technology at Transport & Logistics 2023

Hands-free scanning technology

Much attention was paid to our hands-free scanning technology. Clearly, using wearable scanners makes employees more productive in the workplace. Because they continuously have both hands free during activities such as order picking.

In addition, employees themselves often find it more pleasant to work with and it is also an improvement in terms of ergonomics, compared to constantly putting away and picking up a traditional, heavier handheld barcode scanner.

Voice picking at ICT&Logistics 2023

Voice picking

Voice picking allows employees in a distribution center or warehouse to work in a voice-controlled manner. Each employee has a voice terminal and a headset with microphone. They receive natural sounding voice instructions and can verbally confirm orders in real time directly to your WMS, ERP or our CaptureTech Connect software. Michael Jans, logistics coordinator at wholesaler Horeca Van Zon says, “The users quickly mastered the system, and what’s more, the technology allows everyone to speak their own language and dialect.” Watch the video with Michael where he talks more about this.

CaptureTech Connect warehouse software at ICT&Logistics 2023

CaptureTech Connect

CaptureTech Connect helps you optimize essential logistics processes, such as receiving, order picking, put-away and inventory management. Connect also integrates the data from your ERP with the hardware used for these processes.

Thanks to an intuitive Cloud application and an integrated scanner application, we ensure seamless cooperation between your hardware and software. The result is more efficient warehouse management, error-free operations and accurate inventory. Request a demo here.

WMS & ERP integrations

One topic that came up a lot in conversations with visitors to our booth was integration with existing IT systems. Many of our customers operate a Warehouse Management System in their warehouse or distribution center. Part of our service is always the integration with the WMS, so you get a working system delivered, with for example the applications you use configured correctly on your mobile computers, forklift terminals and tablets. If you do not have a WMS, but only an ERP, we use our CaptureTech Connect software to provide integration between your system and the devices used in the warehouse.

Mobile workstation trolley XL

Mobile workstation trolleys

Employees in your warehouse or production site travel considerable distances during their workday. They run back and forth between the label printer, the goods, the place where the barcode scanner was left, back to the printer, and to the computer where your WMS or ERP desktop application is running, and so on. With the mobile workstation trolley, many of these unnecessary movements are eliminated. The user has all the necessary equipment readily available on a wheeled cart, which they can easily take to where they need to be.

Hardware-as-a-service at Transport & ogistics 2023


The innovative pay-per-use model, known as Hardware-as-a-Service, provides a flexible solution for cost-effective scanning hardware. By choosing a subscription model, you benefit not only from financial flexibility, but also adaptability during peak periods at your locations. This model eliminates high initial investment costs, allowing you to experience immediate return-on-investment.

wifi and infrastructure at Transport & Logistics 2023

WiFi, Infrastructure & IT Security

The hardware and software in your warehouse can only work properly with a reliable network connection. That’s why our team of network specialists helps you with a powerful and secure connection. For example, we perform Wi-Fi measurements. Special software is then used to determine which frequency channels can be used, how many and what components are needed to make a good wireless network system work. But also with placing the necessary access points and getting the network up and running. After implementation, your can decide to fully outsource the full management and security of your network to us or manage it yourself.

RFID at ICT & Logistics 2023

RFID Solutions

With an RFID solution, items such as products, boxes, pallets or roll cages are tagged with RFID tags. These tags are scanned with an RFID scanner and automatically identified. Depending on your specific situation and application, we use passive or active tags that are often integrated into labels. Scanning can be done via a fixed RFID tunnel or handheld mobile scanner. Our specialists have satisfactorily completed many projects at home and abroad.

For example, our customer Hans Anders uses our RFID solution for inventory management in more than 400 stores. In doing so, we help them with better assortment replenishment and higher service levels in the stores.

Cybersecurity at ICT&Logistics 2023

Cybersecurity for logistics

What also came back a lot in the conversations with visitors was that the IT systems, OT systems, operating software and hardware in their warehouses, production sites and offices are all becoming interconnected. Because we connect all those systems, the data and the employees, we can act as a total partner in this. Whether it’s the Wi-Fi network, office laptops, mobile devices, smartphones or tablets. With one IT partner, you get a truly integrated approach. This prevents finger-pointing between IT vendors and ensures a more efficient overall operation. The combined cybersecurity solution CaptureTech Cyber Shield plays an important role in that, because of course all those systems have to be secured.

CaptureTech Protect at Transport & Logistics 2023

Protect & manage devices

In addition to hardware, software, WiFi and their implementation and integration, we also ensure that everything is continuously working and secure. For this purpose, we have developed the CaptureTech Protect service. This involves using Mobile Device Management software so we can manage, monitor, repair and secure all your mobile devices, printers and Wi-Fi infrastructure. In addition, you get up to 24/7 access to our IT specialists, ensuring the continuity of your processes at all times.

CaptureTech wifi site survey professionals

Analysis, advice and demos

You see, there are quite a few possibilities when it comes to making your logistics processes more efficient and digitizing them. The choices for the right technology, hardware, software and services are not made lightly. Every warehouse and every process is always just different. That’s why we not only provide demo equipment for various types of hardwafe to test in your own environment, but perform analysis at your location and provide expert advice from our experienced team.

Need advice?

Want to know how our solutions can help you become more productive in your warehouse, DC, production site, container yard or office? Ask our specialists. Call +31 252 241544 for direct contact or leave your details and we’ll get back to you.

Need advice?

Want to know how our solutions can help you become more productive in your warehouse, DC, production site, container yard or office? Ask our specialists. Call +32 3 449 11 59 for direct contact or leave your details and we will get back to you.

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