The Detect core function of the NIST framework focuses on the timely detection of cyber threats and incidents. This includes setting up systems and processes to detect, analyze and report suspicious activity so that quick action can be taken to reduce the impact of an incident. The core function “Detect” is important because it helps to quickly detect and respond to an incident, reducing the impact of an incident.

This includes:

  • Implementing monitoring and detection systems to detect suspicious activity.
  • Using advanced analytics to analyze and verify suspicious activity.
  • Establish incident response plans and procedures to quickly respond to an incident detection.
  • Testing detection and response capabilities to ensure they are adequate.

Cyber Security Framework

Cyber Security Scan

Start easily and know immediately where you stand with the Security Scan. With this baseline measurement, we scan your current environment, including existing software and hardware and your security policies. Usually we can quickly identify some immediately visible risks, but we also come up with a comprehensive and in-depth report for your area. Should you subsequently choose our CaptureTech Cyber Shield subscription, we do this scan again every year.

IT Consultant Mikel Warbie
Mikel Warbie
Cyber Security Specialist

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