• Robust and suitable for all-day work
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Suitable for use in heat and sub-zero temperatures
  • Spray waterproof and available with optional rugged cover for added durability

Zebra ET40 and ET45 industrial tablets

The Zebra ET40 and ET45 tablets are made to last for years. Unlike consumer tablets, Zebra guarantees that the exact model you buy today will be available for three years, simplifying support for the device.

The ET40 and ET45 are favorably priced and built for industrial use. You get everything you need right out of the box. In a thin and light consumer style, but robust and with integrated barcode scanner and the fastest wireless connections. A multi-year life cycle, powerful new communication capabilities and solutions that add new capabilities. In short, everything you need to do good business, at the right price.


What does Rinus think of the ET40 ET45?

Watch the CaptureTech Spotlight video in which our consultant Rinus Bierbooms shows you the key highlights of the Zebra ET40 and ET45 tablet.

Faster and smarter

Choose the screen size appropriate for your situation. A compact and easy-to-carry 8-inch screen or a larger 10-inch screen for using more information-rich apps. Get the fastest WiFi and cellular speeds with WiFi 6 and 5G. The ET40 with WiFi only is ideal for inside stores, and warehouses while the ET45 with WiFi and cellular is ideal for in the field. Connect wireless headsets, printers and more with Bluetooth to create a complete wireless solution. Enable location tracking with GPS; from directions to the next delivery location to tracking the driver’s location. And enable private LTE networks for cost-effective wireless connectivity in the largest indoor and outdoor facilities.

Whatever scanning work your employees do, there is a Zebra scanning engine that is up to the task. From standard scanning to a large sweet spot for reliable point-and-shoot. Or advanced scanners to scan objects in your hand as well as across the room.

Specifications Zebra ET40 / T45

Dimensions8 inches: 213.9 mm L x 134.8 mm H x 11.4 mm D 10 inches: 257.9 mm L x 162.9 mm H x 11.4 mm D
Weight8 inches: 485 g 10 inches: 690 g
Protection classIP65
PushbuttonsVolume up/down; on/off; barcode scanner; programmable buttons.
Battery8 inch: 6100 mAh 3.87 V rechargeable Li-ion Polymer; user-replaceable (23.61 Wh) 10 inches: 7600 mAh 3.87 V rechargeable Li-ion polymer; user replaceable (29.41 Wh)
Operating systemAndroid 11; upgradeable to Android 14
MemoryStandard: 4 GB LPDDR4X SDRAM/64 GB UFS Flash Premium: 8GB RAM/128GB
Operating temp-20°C to 50°C

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Zebra ET40 and ET45

The Zebra ET40 and ET45: durable industrial tablets.

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