• Lightweight & thin model
  • 5-inch HD screen
  • Drop-proof, dustproof and waterproof
  • Combine with monitor, keyboard, mouse holster or hand strap

Industrial mobile computers

The Zebra EC50 and EC55 mobile handhelds are among Zebra’s thinnest and lightest mobile computers. Although they resemble smartphones in appearance, their capabilities go much further. These handhelds are specifically designed to meet the demands of demanding work environments.

A notable feature of the Zebra EC50 / EC55 is their durability. They are virtually waterproof and dustproof, making them resistant to conditions such as rain, moisture and dust particles. This ensures that the handhelds can operate reliably even in challenging environments such as warehouses, distribution centers and production floors.

In addition, the Zebra EC50 / EC55 are drop resistant and can withstand impacts and drops. They are designed to meet military standards, meaning they can withstand shock and vibration. This increases the durability of the handhelds and reduces the risk of damage from accidental drops.

To protect the screen from scratches and other damage, the Zebra EC50 / EC55 are equipped with Gorilla Glass. This strong and scratch-resistant glass ensures that the display remains clear and legible for a long time, even in harsh environments where contact with hard surfaces may occur.

The Zebra EC50 / EC55 also offer excellent connectivity options. They support both Wi-Fi and mobile data, allowing workers in different environments to always stay connected. This enables real-time communication and access to corporate data, improving productivity and efficiency.

In addition, these handhelds offer a user-friendly interface and intuitive operation. They feature a touchscreen and ergonomic design, allowing users to work comfortably and efficiently. They can also be configured with various accessories, such as handles and wrist straps, to further enhance portability and ergonomics.


Dimensions154.5 mm L x 76 mm W x 9.8 mm D With battery: 154.5 mm L x 76 mm W x 11.8 mm D
Drop Spec1.2 m per MIL-STD-810G. With protective boot: 1.5 m per MIL-STD-810G to concrete across temperature range.
Operating systemAndroid 10; upgradeable through Android 12.
Tumble Spec300 tumbles, 0.5 m; 500 tumbles, 0.5 m with protective boot.
Weight173 gr. to 183 gr.
CPUQualcomm SD660, 2.2 GHz Octa-core.

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Zebra EC50 / EC55

The thinnest and lightest mobile computers: the Zebra EC50 WiFi and the EC55 WiFi/mobile handhelds. Although the EC50/EC55 looks like a smartphone, the resemblance ends there.

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