• Prevent loss of equipment
  • Controlled Issue
  • Possibly managed via Cloud software tool
  • Make sure equipment is always charged

Smart management with the Smart Locker

Prevent loss of your mobile devices such as barcode scanners, wearables, tablets, voice devices and forklift terminals with this electronic storage cabinet. With automatic recording of issue and return, you always know when which device is in use.

In the Smart Locker, the equipment is charged so they are always ready for use again when issued. Moreover, by having a central repository for all equipment, you make the process of issuance easier and clearer, for both users and managers. Save time and costs by:

  • Automation of the issue and return process
  • Less loss of valuable equipment
  • Less downtime through always available and charged devices

Smart Locker, Smart Cloud

The locker optionally comes with convenient web-based management software. In it, you keep track in a clear dashboard of which equipment is in use and which are safely charged in the locker.

Link the software with your own system so you can use existing data, such as user and equipment data from your WMS, ERP or CaptureTech Connect, for example.

Smart options

Furnish the locker according to your own taste or based on our advice. With modular construction, different sizes and diverse colors, there is a solution for every organization.


Customer case

Plinten en Profielen Centrale

“From our new lockers, you can only get a scanner if you hold your tag in front of it. When your shift is over, you place the tag back in front of the locker and hand in your scanner. This way we can see exactly who has used and returned which scanner. And our colleagues can report any defect immediately.”

Harold de Graaf
IT manager
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Charging pointsCustomized: USB / 220V
DoorsTransparent glass or closed, possibly with license plates

Smart Locker for storage equipment warehouse

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Smart Locker

The Smart Locker is an electronic storage system. Store mobile devices such as barcode scanners and forklift terminals in the Smart Locker and make sure they are always charged. Through the convenient management software, you can see exactly when which items were issued to whom.

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